If PUBG Banned in India, Try These Pubg Mobile Alternatives

A month ago, when the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps because of privacy concern which include popular app TikTok. But again yesterday, The Indian Government restricted another 47 cloned of those Chinese apps. Since the Government started the banning these Chinese apps, the popular battle royale game Pubg has always been on highlight due the game has some Chinese connection.

Well, if you are not aware of whether Pubg is Chinese app or not, then let me tell you that Pubg is initially designed by the popular South Korean giant Bluehole. But the mobile version of the game is published by the Chinese distributor Tencent. Hence, we can’t say the game belongs to China. Still, the game is in the list of other 275 apps which may get banned soon by the Indian Government. However, there are other games like Pubg mobile available which you can use if Pubg banned in India. Let’s check these games!

4+ Pubg Mobile Alternatives Games

After the Pubg Mobile, another battle royale game comes to our mind is none other Fortnite. The game is viral among users around the world before the pubg. It has the same gameplay to jump on the island and survive till the end. The game is now available for Android and iOS users.

Since the release of Pubg mobile and the trend of mobile battle royale games suddenly got increase. Considering this, the Activision designer released the mobile version of the Call Of Duty for Android and iPhone. Same as Pubg and Fortnite, this COD Mobile version also has the same gameplay and unusual guns and characters to give the great gaming experience.

As we know that Pubg mobile need to more storage and good RAM to play on mobile. So the low-end users cannot install the game. Therefore, the Gerena Free Fire came to highlight for the low-end mobile phones. Most the users think that Genera Free Fire easy compared to Pubg Mobile as the game is offered easier recoil correction and saves.

Just like all these games, this game is also based on third-person battle royale game like Pubg. Well, this game is small in size compared to Pubg, and only 32 players can jump in the battle. One game only is playable for only a few minutes. So it won’t take your half an hour just like Pubg. The game has some bugs which irritate you some time, but still, it will be fun to play.

At the fifth potion, Knives Out comes as the game has the similar gameplay live Pubg where 100 players dive onto the island and play against each other to be the last man standing. The game has a small map size and higher body count if we compare it with Pubg.

So there are some best games you can play after Pubg mobile. Well, we are not sure whether the Government of India ban the game or not. But it would be better to ready with other alternatives of Pubg.

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