How To Get 900UC in Rs 430 PUBG Mobile Season 14

Finally, PUBG Mobile season 14 landed with the brand new “Spark The Flame” theme with dozens of new outfits, skins, and lot more. While there are many new rewards in Free Royale Pass, you can get for free by completing daily and weekly missing.

But we know that many premium outfits and rewards will be owned by spending in-game money UC. And the regular price for 60 UC is INR 79, so if you wish to get more UC in the game, you will have to spend more real money in the game to purchase UCs. But today, you are lucky as here we have something special offer for you to get 900 UC in just 430 Rupees. You heard it right! There is a way to get 900 US in only Rs 430. So let’s get ready to but 900 UC.

Steps To Get 900 UC in Rs 430 in Season 14  

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile on your phone
  2. At the right corner of the screen near your profile, tap on the Crown icon.
  3. Here you can see Price and Prime Plus subscription; you will need to tap on Rs 850 Yellow Button at the bottom.
  4. Now you can make payment according to your preference. When you make a payment, you can see RS 430 amount right side. Hence, here you only need to pay Rs 430.
  5. Once you are done, you will get 320 UC right after the payment, and then remaining UCs you will get daily 20UC for 30 days. So after a month, you will have a total of 900 UCs.

Along with 320 UC, you will be blessed with the following items:

  • One premium coupon
  • One classic coupon
  • One ID rename card

That’s it!

Once you go through this guide, you will have 900 UC in your PUBG Mobile profile which you can use on any of your favorite items. The only sad part of this process is that you will have to wait for 15 days to get reaming 600 UC on your account. But I guess it is worth to wait as you are getting 900 UC in just Rs 430.

If you enjoyed this post and got 300 UC now, then please do share this guide with your other teammate. Do not forget to share your opinion about the new costumes, skins and more about season 14 in the comment box. Feel free to ask anything about the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0.