Best PUBG Mobile Controllers For Android and iPhone 2019

Since Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has created a record on mobile for the highest number of online player around the world, everyone is talking about the game. Well, playing PUBG on mobile is pretty quick and straightforward, but you can get the best controller for PUBG mobile to play the game with better control and get more chicken dinners.

Once you get the best PUBG mobile controller for your Android and iOS device, you will be able to aim and fire the enemy while moving. While using the controller, you will feel of a button just like the mouse button when using it on your smartphone. To use the PUBG mobile controller or PUBG Mobile triggers, you should set the fire and key at the upper side of the screen where you install controllers. Without further ado, let me show you some of the top PUBG mobile controllers!

6 Best PUBG Mobile Controllers: See The Best PUBG Mobile Triggers

#1: GameSir

Let’s start with world’s first integration of Mobile PUBG grip and joystick, solving the problem of the clumsy controlling of the touch-screen games. This one of the best Mobile PUBG controller which provides better grip while playing and give relief to your hand even after playing it for long.

It comes with a built-in stand clip which you can attach at the back of the grip and add more handiness for your phone. It doesn’t matter which device you are using; it’s telescopic boom design lets you adapt to different sizes of smartphones up to 6.7inch length, including iPhone X and Samsung Note 8.

There is a conductive stick-on joystick provides excellent physical manipulation, providing precise controlling on the in-game characters, and can deal more comfortable with more complex positioning. The ultra low-friction joystick with anti-slip design enables you to play effortlessly in 360 degrees. it’s one of the triggers of PUBG Mobile.


MGAWG has done a great job by creating this newest upgraded PUBG mobile game controller. Once you started using this controller, then you will feel good in the hand with responsive touch-sensitive buttons. While playing the game you will have to shoot the enemy as quick as you can, and this PUBG controller will let you kill them faster and get the chicken dinner! Its transparent design won’t block the phone screen at all. You can simply set it on your smartphone.


Here’s the one of the affordable PUBG mobile controller which will help you to get chicken dinner. It works great to shoot the enemy while aiming and moving. There is an Auxiliary fire button available which will help you enhance your ability. Well, it doesn’t matter which device you are using, you can use this PUBG controller on your iPhone and Android phone as well. You can also use it play other games as well like Fortnite, Critical Ops, Rules of Survival, and more.

Its particular metal sensor button is highly sensitive so that you can enjoy the game precisely. All you need to do is set the buttons comfortably and play the game with better control. The company is offering 45 days money back guarantee and one year warranty.



YAOSTE is offering the precise controller with the handy stick to hold the phone is comfortable manner while playing the PUBG. It gives a more comfortable grip on your Android and iPhone. You don’t have to worry about the getting hand sweat playing game for a long time since it has ergonomic grip design which also provides relief to your hand.  Since it is small and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you go and use it whenever you want to play the game.

#5: Keklle

If you need a best PUBG mobile controller with the better trigger and joystick, then Keklle has this best mobile controller for PUBG game. It comes with the best gaming grip case, adjustable joystick, and the fire key trigger. Well, this upgraded trigger won’t block the map view now. And also it is tight which avoid slipperily.

Since it has a comfortable grip, you can play the game for a long time without getting your hands stuck. You can simply set it up on all devices 4-6.7” adding iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Its conductive clip on Gaming Fire Triggers allows manipulating the controls and using your index fingers to fire instead of having to play with only your thumbs.


At the last, let me give you the cheapest PUBG mobile controller from the VRFUN. As its low in price, it doesn’t mean it won’t provide the better and precise control.  Its new joystick button lets you shoot or aim while moving and the Auxiliary fire button to enhance your ability.

For sure, the physical buttons are better than inductive ones. It allows you to target the enemy and get a better gaming experience accurately. With the help of this PUBG controller, you can use other figures instead of thumps to play the game precisely.

Your Favorite?

As per the requirement of PUBG gamers, these were some of the best controllers for PUBG mobile we have found. Hope you have got the best controller here and now enjoying the game with the great experience.  Once after using any of the above, please do share your experience in the comments!