Best Wireless PUBG Controller (Gamepad Remote) For Android & iPhone Mobiles

Playing PUBG on a smartphone is very fun today as you have a giant phone like Galaxy S8, OnePlus 6T, or iPhone X. But not everyone is blessed with that type of high-end device. So, the great things are you even play PUBG with better control with the best wireless PUBG gamepad remote controller or PUBG joystick or PUBG controller for Android and iPhone.

Yes, with the help of the best PUBG Bluetooth gamepad or PUBG wireless joystick, you will be to play the PUBG Mobile games with the best control like you play on PS4, Xbox or PC. As we know that gamepad or joystick comes with great gear and user-friendly control buttons, you can get easy and best control on PUBG mobile with PUBG remote control or PUBG gamepad controller. One more great thing about these PUBG controllers is that you don’t need to be tangled with cable as they all have Bluetooth function which you can simply use to connect your PUBG Controller to mobile and play PUBG Mobile wirelessly.  So, without wasting much time, let’s find out the best controller for PUBG Mobile.

Best PUBG Gamepad Remote Control for Android/iPhone

#1: Aoile Wireless Controller Joystick for PUBG iOS Android Mobile Phones

If you are playing PUBG or Fortnite a lot, then this controller is one of the best gamepads for PUBG which you can simply connect with your mobile and enjoy the game without rooting your phone. It comes with best comfortable keys feel dual analog joystick, a precise cross key, and 14 action buttons. There is also smart power-saving sleep mode, effectively enhance the efficiency of the battery. You can use this PUBG wireless controller for up to 40 hours without stoppage.

#2: RONSHIN Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Controller B04 Joystick for PUBG Mobile

If you are looking for the best wireless Bluetooth gamepad remote game controller joystick for PUBG with low price, then here’s our best suggestion from the RONSHIN. This PUBG gamepad remote game controller comes with Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can be operated within 10 meters. There is no need to install any drivers to connect this PUBG remote control as you can directly connect without even root. You can also use this PUBG joystick on iPad Mac, Android/Windows tablet PC, Samsung Gear VR, and other brands VR, Smart TV, TV box, VR box, and for iPad games need to install before use it. Just like other controllers, it has comfortable keys feeling, dual analog joystick, a precise cross key, and 14 action buttons. There is also smart power-saving sleep mode, effectively enhance the efficiency of the battery.

#3: Retractable Telescopic Shock Connecting Joystick PUBG Gamepad Android Phone

If you wanted to use some Nintendo Switch like gamepad to play PUBG mobile, then this choice blow your mind it looks like a Nintendo Switch which you can use for PUBG mobile Android devices only. This PUBG Joystick has a Telescopic Design with two joysticks click down for L3/R3. It is compatible with 6-inch length devices with the extendable phone gamepad, and it supports thickness within 0.36 inch of the devices. With its Bluetooth 4.0, you can simply connect and play from distance 10 meters. It has built-in 400 mAh battery which you can continuously use to PUBG 8 hours. It has a smooth and comfortable grip.

#4: Wireless Gaming Joystick for PUBG iPhone/Android

Looking for best wireless PUBG controller for iPhone or Android? If so, then here’s the best PUBG mobile wireless controller from the trusted brand Shinecon. Shinecon has made this best looking PUBG joystick gamepad only for PUBG mobile players from all around the world.  Just simply use Bluetooth 4.0 to connect this PUBG gamepad to mobile and enjoy the game with the best control. This controller for PUBG comes with a multi-angle adjustable bracket that let you easily swap between PC and mobile. Just like other controllers, it also has comfortable keys feel, dual analog joystick, a precise cross key and 14 action buttons, non-slip grips and dual vibrating motors offer the best gaming experience.

#5: Leoie PUBG Mobile Game Controller Android/iOS phones

Just like the Aoile, Leoie is one of the trusted brands which have the best PUBG mobile gaming controller wireless with Bluetooth you can easily link your PUBG gamepad with your Android or iOS device to enjoy the game with better and smooth controller. You can continuously use it to play up to 40 hours. Furthermore, you can also use to other classic arcade game emulator.

Your choice?

Well, we have given some of the best gaming controllers for PUBG mobile (Android & iPhone). Hope you like the post and selected the best PUBG wireless controller. After playing with the new PUBG gamepad or PUBG joystick on Android and iPhone, please do not forget to share your experience with us in comments. You can also suggest any other great controller for PUBG mobile if we have missed in this article.