Exclusive PUBG Snow Map Released Today For PC With Winter Themed Trailer

As we expected that new PUBG snow map is releasing on December 7th with PS4, the PUBG team has made the most significant announcement of new winter-themed PUBG Vikendi Snow map trailer at the biggest The Game Award 2018 on Thursday night. So, we are here you give you the exclusive trailer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG Snow map. So, let’s check out the first PUBG Snow map teaser!

PUBG – Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay Trailer

PUBG Snow Map Trailer

As you have seen in the new PUBG snow map winter trailer as the winter has arrived in PUBG and you will need to adapt in the snowy world if you want to survive until the end. Well, we have already discussed that the new PUBG snow map will be called “Vikendi” interesting areas named Cosmodrome, DinoPark, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle. There is the dinosaur-themed amusement park, a rusty cosmodrome and two new cities built for urban combat. There’s also a dense forest to get to grips with, as well as a frozen river.
Check out the exclusive glimpse of new PUBG Snow Map Vikendi from teh PUBG PC Test Servers:

I can’t wait for you all to check out Vikendi on the @PUBG Test Servers later! The team have done an amazing job with this new battleground and it really shows! GLHF pic.twitter.com/iiPTWNKfCJ


The new PUBG winter map trailer shows off a bird inadvertently causing an explosion, but it does give us a few details about the map. The new Vikendi map of PUBG looks to feature vast amounts of snow along with frozen rivers and lots of trees like a real snow world.

While talking about more new features of PUBG Snow map Vikendi, the Dave Curd from developer PUBG Corp. confess that players would leave tracks in the snow and that the map would include at least one new weapon and also the good news for PUBG Mobile Snow Map users that there will be the new snowmobile vehicle. Curd also mentions that the map is the first in PUBG to be six by six making it right in the middle between the sizes of Sanhok and Erangel as we have talked earlier.

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi Release Date for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mobile

Well, the PUBG Vikendi Map release for PC‘s test server from today and the final release date of PUBG Vikendi Snop map is December 19th,2018 for PC. Talking about the PUBG Vikendi Map for Xbox One and PS4, then it PUBG Snow map will release for Xbox One and PS4 in January 2019. Well, PUBG Vikendi Snow map release date for mobile will take a little longer time.
So, Are you excited about the new snow map? What else do you hope to see from the team in the future? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below!