Good News For PUBG Gamers: No Risk To Ban PUBG In India

From the last couple of months, the heat about the Pubg ban in India is going on. Once the news starts spreading about the ban of Pubg Mobile in India, every PUBG Gamers was worried about it and serenely waiting for the Government call. But finally, we have good news for all Pubg Gamers in India.

Yes, you have heard it right in the title of the article. There is no risk of ban on Pubg in India because Pubg Mobile has recently upgraded its Privacy and Policy for users in India. That’s right!

The government of India’s primary reason was to ban all the Chinese apps that steal user’s data without the user’s concern. That’s why the India Government sent the request to all the other 275 Chinese regarding breaking the breach and exploring users’ data without letting them know. So finally, the makers of the game took it seriously and started their work to provide the best gaming platform without any risk. And within few days, they released around 150 MB update to upgrade Pubg Mobile Privacy Policy as per the need of the India Government.

So when you update the game today and open it for play, you will receive one pop with says “, Please note that our privacy policy for users in India has recently been updated.” Along with that, Pubg Mobile also upgraded the Privacy Policy section, which you can check by heading the Settings and then selects Privacy Policy near the Logout button. You can read a full new Privacy Policy statement from the Pubg Mobile for all the Indian users.

After Pubg Mobile released the new Privacy Policy, the risk of banning Pubg Mobile has completely lifted back, and we are so glad to share this new to all the Pubg Mobile gamers in India.

Don’t worry if you have recently purchased the Pubg mobile new royale pass and will purchase some items because now there is no possibility of banning Pubg mobile in India.

Last month, The Pakistani Government banned the site by considering the crazy among youngsters as many teenagers were playing the game too keenly without any stoppage. But after some days, they unbanned the game again.

The Indian Government also banned 59 Chinese apps a month ago and again, they banned more 47 Chinese cloned apps. The banning process doesn’t end here; the Govt is still planning to ban more 275 apps, which are also against Government’s law. But Pubg Mobile proved that they cared for its users and made some changes according to the law and cleared their path.

As for now, Pubg Mobile free from Government’s eyes and removed for the about-to-ban list. But still, no official words from the India Government for not banning Pubg Mobile.

What do you think about this buzz? Do you think that the Government would still ban Pubg mobile? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.