How to Get Free In-Game Gifts & Rewards in PUBG Mobile [Crate Coupons, Outfit Box III, Godzilla’s Carapace]

Since the release, the PUBG Mobile is getting everyone’s attention by adding some interesting in-game stuff and new features which make the game more engaging and entertaining. But, most of the items are not as free as you have to buy them by spending real money. But today you are lucky as we have found an official way to get PUBG mobile items free.

Spending money on virtual stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea as most gamers are youngsters and not prefer to use their pocket money to buy skin, costume, and royale pass in PUBG Mobile. But we have come with the app called ‘WeGame for PUBG Mobile’ which will let you get free stuff in PUBG Mobile. Yes, that’s true! Now you can get Godzilla’s Carapace, Crate Coupon and Outfit Box free in PUBG mobile with the help of this app.

The ‘WeGame for PUBG Mobile’ app is a mobile community app from the Tencent. All you need to install the app on your smartphone and link your PUBG mobile account with the app. Once you link your account with the app, you will be able to see all other PUBG mobile gamers on the app and you can connect with them as well as share tips, ideas, achievements, and more. PUBG Mobile India has recently Tweeted that early users of the app who have linked the PUBG account with the app will be able to get free PUBG Crate Coupons, Outfit Box III, Godzilla’s Carapace and more. Hence, you will have to link your account as soon as possible to redeem all free gifts and rewards in PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, the app is also designed in the manner to work as the great booster on your phone as there is a one-click option to boost to clean storage for speeding up game running. In a case, if your game keeps running slow or freezing, then you can also preview the usage storage of your device and clear useless date to run the game smoothly.

Well, the offer is limited as PUBG Mobile said that early users will be able to get free gifts and rewards. So, without wasting your time, download ‘WeGame for PUBG Mobile’ on your Android phone and get your free PUBG Mobile Rewards.