How To Reach “Conqueror” In PUBG Mobile: Best Tips and Tricks

As the whole world is lockdown and many people around the world are spending time at home playing PUBG Mobile. Since a lot of people started playing the game, they want to increase the level and reach “Conqueror” In PUBG Mobile season.

Reaching the “Conqueror” tier in PUBG Mobile is not as easy as you think. You will have to go through Platinum, Diamond, Crown, and Ace to touch the Conqueror finally. And the main thing is you need to be in the top 500 rankings in the server of the region.

So getting rank 500 in the server of the region is not that easy as surviving in the game. You will have to reach the top 500 with the excellent Kill Ratio and Survival Time. Once you reach the top 500, then it’s not also easy to be at the top as the rank fluctuates, and you will have to keep it by playing the game every day.

If you want to reach “Conqueror” tier in PUBG Mobile, then here we have some tips which you need to follow with the patient to get the Conqueror tag. Without wasting time, let’s see those tricks below:

Tips And Tricks To Reach “Conqueror” In PUBG Mobile Season

Don’t Rush, Focus Survive

More you rush, soon you will get killed. So when you reach the Diamond tier, you should have to play the game carefully by keeping yourself alive and play safe. So it would be better if you jump on the safe places like Georgopol City, Rozhok, or Mytla instead of Pochinki, Georgopol/Military base, and Yasnaya Polyana. It will increase your survival ratio.

Best Time and Map

On which time you are playing on which map also plays the important role in the game to reach a high tier. So if you want to reach the Conqueror, then it would be better if you play the game between 5 AM to 10 AM since, during this time, most of the players are amateurs. Also, choosing the Miramar map would good as more than 70% of players are noobs and bots. So if you decided to play Miramar with your teammates in the morning, then your chances of getting chicken dinner will increase.

Use Claw Control

As the default PUBG Mobile setting lets, you use two fingers in the game. But it won’t be easy to reach Conqueror if you play with only two fingers as many pro players like Scout, Mortal, Novaking, Snax, and Spike prefer to use four-finger claw so that you can quickly jump, look around, scope, and fire. So start setting up the claw and start practicing it.

Vehicle To Use

Which vehicle you are also using matters in the game. According to some pro PUBG gamers, UAZ is the best vehicle with the best control, and also it blocks bullets from all sides. You can also go with Dacia, which also protects you from bullets, but this vehicle has very poor control. You can choose Buggy in the worst scenario as it has very poor tires when you take turns. You can choose a bike if you want to reach another place quickly without involving in fights.

Play With Your Squad

There is no guarantee that any unknown players follow you or listen to you in the game. The worst scene starts when you land with them in some host-drop places like Georgopool where you could get killed quickly, and the random player may not able to save you. So we suggest you play the game with your teammates to increase your ranking.

Final Words

Well, there were some best tips and tricks to help you reach the Conqueror in any PUBG Mobile season. Hope you enjoyed the ride and follow these tips while playing the game. In a case, if you have learned something which is not mentioned in the post, then please do share it with us in the comment box so that it can help other players reach the highest tier.