Participate In PUBG Mobile Sniper Mastery Challenge To Win New Season 13 Set Free

The latest PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update now live with the new Mad Miramar map after the month of testing beta. Yes, the new update is now available with some new interesting rewards.

The new PUBG Mobile season 13 is now live with the new Carton Rangers theme with some amazing outfits, skin, and item. But it will take a long time to get those rewards as you will have to complete daily and weekly rewards. But now you will have a great chance to get PUBG Mobile season 13 rewards free.

Yes, PUBG Mobile has recently introduced a new challenge in the new week. This news challenge posted by the PUBG Mobile on its tweeters page. The new challenge is called as Sniper Mastery challenge in which users have to Kill more than 3 enemies with a crossbow & make more than 3 headshots!”


Sniper Mastery – Kill more than 3 enemies with a crossbow & make more than 3 headshots! 🏹

Screenshot your detailed results page and tag us + use the hashtag #PUBGMSTATS and you’re entered! Winner gets a FREE PERMANENT OUTFIT! 🎉


Once you complete your mission, you will have to take a screenshot of the result page and post it by tagging the PUBG Mobile Twitter handle and should also add the #PUBGMSTATS hashtag. All the winners of this challenge will get free to win a free, permanent outfit.

Earlier, there was a challenge called King/Queen of Assists, which aims to get more 10 assists in a match. So those who can share the screenshot for a chance to won the Crystal Set for a permanent duration.  PUBG Mobile also added the new Lieutenant Parsec Set to the game, which consists of a white armored headgear along with the set. Furthermore, there an interesting Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin. So there is a chance to win these items as well.

In the new season of PUBG Mobile, when you reach at level 50, you will get the option to choose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger, and then they can earn the Ultra Defender set at the 100 Rank.

PUBG Mobile added the new locations and Sandstorms in the Miramar map with the new PUBG Mobile 0.18.0. To showcase the new version of Miramar, PUBG Mobile team is also live streaming game on its YouTube.

If you have updated the game to the latest version, then please do share your thoughts about the new update in the comment box. Feel free to share your experience with the new Mad Miramar map with us. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile is also planning to add the Erangel 2.0 to the PUBG Mobile soon. Let’s wait for the PUBG mobile 0.18.5 beta and see whether they are adding the new Erangel 2.0 to the PUBG Mobile or not. Btw, the developers are talking about the new revamped Erangel of the PUBG Mobile.

The Erangel 2.0 version is already added to the Game For Peace (PUBG Mobile Chinese beta). Let’s hope that we may see the arrival of revamped Erangel in global PUBG Mobile update. Stay tuned for more pubg mobile news and updates.