PUBG Mobile Added Payload X War Mode New Mode Surprisingly As New Year Flash a

While people have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update, the Tencent Games has given the new surprise to the all PUBG Mobile players as the Christmas and The New Year blast. Yes, we are talking about the new PUBG Mobile Payload X War Mode.

Earlier in the game, the makers have already added some mode other than classic battle royale mode. A could of a week ago; they introduced the new RegeGear mode in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update where you can use a vehicle with heavy weapons, and there is also Team Deathmatch a fast-paced 4v4 mode. Also, some arcade-style styles available like a quick match, sniper training, and so on.

Good news for all PUBG Mobile players that the makers have surprised everyone by adding the new “Payload x War Mode” under the EvoGrounds. As you can see, the name “Payload x War Mode” itself suggested that the new mode is a combination of the Payload and War. In this mode, every rule will be the same, but you can use some of the heavy weapons like grenade launchers and RPGs in the game.

Whether you want to play it solo or with your squad, you can choose as per your choice. At the start, you will hey basic grenade launchers default, and just like the regular war mode; you will get more spawns and a number of kills and earn chicken dinner.

How To Get New Payload x War Mode

If you can’t see the mode yet under the EvoGrounds, then you need to update the game to the latest version as there is a small available to get the new PUBG Mobile Payload x War Mode.

This new Payload x War Mode is action-packed, which keeps you on your toes and tests skill. The mode will also train you to get the better aim and trajectory to kill your enemies. Well, this new mode is very interesting, you can try now. Furthermore, there is also a new mode called “Colorblind Mode,” which will be added to the game in January. We haven’t heard a lot about this mode yet. Let’s wait and watch what there are going to do in the new mode.