PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Aka Extreme Cold Mode: Tips To Play This Mode

After the long wait, the most rumoured PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold Mode is finally live for every user around the world. Well, the Extreme Cold Mode was already added to the POBG Mobile Chinese version of the game last winter. And now the new mode has arrived at the global version of the game as the PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode.

If you are seeing the new mode PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode on your phone and wondering how to play it, then here we have the full guide to play PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold Mode.

Tips and Tricks To Play PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Aka Extreme Cold Mode

In this Extreme cold mode, the Extreme cold will occur twice per game. When the extreme cold starts, the body temperature of the device will decreases as well the physical strength. So you can check the body temperature with the body temperature gauge.

You can maintain the body temperature by the bonfire and lighter. While you are playing the game, you will have to collect twigs from lighting a fire in the building and maintaining body temperature. Keep in mind that the fire won’t be for a longer time, so you should keep the fire up by branches. But when you start a fire, your location will be highlighted on the map.

You can also maintain your body temperature by gathering some portable stove which you can find at random locations of the map, and you can use them to keep your body temperature maintain outside the buildings. There is also green gauge you can use to check the remaining furl in the stove. You should keep in your mind that you cannot use weapons when you hold the stove.

Even there is also a way to increase body temperature by Emergency Hot Pack. This Hot Pack can be used to maintain body temperature during the battle.

In this mode, you will see some animal-like Chicken, deer, and more which you can also hunt them and later you can roast them in the lighter type of bucket to eat them, and it will help to improve your body temperature.

For the first time, there is also the Drone added to the PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold Mode, which will let you track the enemy’s locations and make an ambush. You can get Drone from the field and extreme supply chests. While using the Drone, you can check the remaining power of the Drone through the left gauge and more. If all powers of your Drone exhausted or someone attached on it, it will get destroyed.

Extreme Cold Mode: Snowboard -You will have a snowboard as a base, and you can board at any time in the snow.

This is how you can play the brand new Extreme Cold Mode on your smartphone. Hope you enjoyed the guide and now have a better idea to survive in the new PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode. Once after playing on the new mode, please do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comment box. You can also tell us which feature you are still missing on the new update and want to see on the upcoming PUBG Mobile update.