PUBG Mobile New Concept Of Map,Guns, Vehicles, Slides, Diving, Prone, & More

It’s been great one year for PUBG mobile as they added total four PUBG maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi) and completed Season 5. To celebrate the one year anniversary of PUBG Mobile, they also released the PUBG Song “On My Way” by Alan Walker with new season 6. Well, everyone has started completing mission to get some season 6 rewards; we have come with the great new PUBG Map concept along with some amazing body movement that will blow your mind. So, let’s check out what will we see in upcoming PUBG Mobile update.

You may have seen in many games like latest Apex Legends where the players can run and prone while rolling amazingly.  Since now, we have seen in PUBG that player can jump and dive in a normal way and many people are wondering how would it be amazing if you can dive, flip, and prone in an amazing way to avoid enemy’s gunshot and use some tactics to defeat the opponent. Well, as we know that PUBG is keep working to add more feature in the game, there one video posted by Mr.GHOST GAMING YouTube channel explain that something interesting coming to the PUBG mobile.

  • PUBG New Map concept based of China or Japan
  • There will be new guns you will see with new PUBG map which will be called MP2 and P90. May be one of the guns you can use to shoot under water as well.
  • The new vehicle called “Zil” is like to be add in PUBG mobile soon which looks like a army truck.
  • There will be close quarters weapon training and the ability to kick down doors will soon available in PUBG.
  • There will be many new movements like different slides, diving, rolling left and right when prone etc.

You can also check the full PUBG mobile new map concept with new features in below video.

Final lines

Well, that was all we want to share with you about the PUBG new concept. The PUBG team is delicately to bring some new function in the game. What you want to see in upcoming update? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in comment.