Pubg Mobile To Ban in India Due The Security Concern

A month ago, The Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tik Tok, WeChat, UC browser, CamScanner and a lot because of privacy concern. Once these Chinese apps got banned in India, many people around the world started questioning the Government of India about banning PUBG.

The exclusive news arrived that Government of India banned 47 Chinese app today which were as clones of banned apps. The good news is Pubg is still in pipeline.

It has been a month, and now the news suddenly took storm as the news roaming everywhere about the ban of Pubg in India. As per the report from popular websites moneycontrol and after watching several Tweets about the prohibition of Pubg, we are here we the new report regarding the ban of PUBG in India.

Yes, you heard it right! As the geopolitical war is going on between India and China, the Indian Government is planning to ban more Chinese apps. In the list of 275 Chinese apps, the Pubg also included for potential user privacy violations and national security threats.

So now the new list includes Pubg mobile, ecommerce platform AliExpress and another popular game Ludo World as well many more Chinese apps. Well, there is National Intelligence Law of 2017 which says that if the Government of China needs the information of any tech giant, then every Chinese company will have to give every information of its users to the Government of China. So this law is considered as very worrying for the Indian Government as well as others.

Talking about Pubg, Chinese makers din not develop the game. The game is originally developed by the popular South Korean game giant Bluehole and shared to the Chinese publisher Tencent. So still the Pubg Mobile has something with China as the publisher is Chinese.

Earlier, the Indian Government also banned Pubg Mobile temporary in several states because of many complaints from parents and guardians about their kids are spending more time playing the game, and it had a psychological impact on their mind.  But it was only for a limited time, and after that, it was live again.

But now, the Government is again planning ban Pubg Mobile permanently along with other 274 Chinese apps. Last month, the Pakistani Government also banned Pubg Mobile for some time and then again lifted the ban. But in India, we are not whether they ban Pubg permanent or temporary.

Meanwhile, the #Pubg is now trending on Twitter since the 47 more apps got banned in India and the decision about pubg ban India is still pending. Check these Pubg ban memes:


— Rahul Jha (@iamrahuljha) July 27, 2020

#ChineseAppsBanned #PUBG

— Rishab Gupta (@the_free_soul_9) July 27, 2020

47 more app banned by government…..

Le #PUBG players checking the list 😜😜😛😙

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250 more chinsese apps are lined to be examine…it includes #pubg also #chineseappbanned

Me to #PUBG…..

— Siya (@Siya__si) July 27, 2020

Tik tok impression when government give new list of ban chines apps😄#pubg #Chineseappbanned

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Government considering a ban on #PUBG in India #Chineseappbanned

Le royal pass players:

— abhijeet ambrale (@Abhijeetambrale) July 27, 2020

Government bans 47 more Chinese Apps in India.#PUBG may also be banned.

Modiji to Xi Jinping:

— Suraj Kr Sharma (@mesuraj7) July 27, 2020

If Pubg banned in India, more than 100 million people would get disappointed as the game is widely popular among youngsters. Let’s wait for the final call from the Government about the banning Pubg Mobile and other Chinese apps. What is your opinion about this? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.