PUBG Mobile To Make New Era Announcement On August 24

Pubg Mobile is now a charm of the battle royale gaming world. From the last months, Pubg Mobile touching the sky-high in terms of revenue as the game’s July of $208 and May revenue $226 and became the world’s highest game by overtaking Honor Of King.

It seems like Pubg Mobile is touching every sky high and making its games even much batter. To add more charm to the game, Pubg Mobile is making a huge announcement on August 24. Yes, something is exciting coming to the Pubg Mobile as the Pubg Mobile has teased a “New Era for PUBG Mobile” on Twitter.

According to the tweet by Pubg Mobile’s official Twitter, they invited all its fans and players that a “New Era for PUBG Mobile” announcement will be made on August 24 at 7 pm IST and you will be able to live stream the event through the official Pubg Mobile YouTube and Facebook channel.

Well, they didn’t reveal much about what they are revealing with this new era. But here we have something exciting to share with you about Pubg Mobile’s new surprising event.

We humbly request your presence as we announce a New Era for PUBG MOBILE! ⏰

Join us on August 24th for an AWESOME announcement on YouTube and Facebook! #pubgmnewera #neweraannouncement 👉

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) August 21, 2020

What To Expect on New Era Announcement Event?

As they said in the invitation that “we request the honour of your presence. Witness the arrival of the new ear”. So the New Era means the new Erangel. After the year of the long wait, Pubg Mobile will add the new Erangel 2.0 map which has new building structure and graphic changes.

Many people are asking that if they introduce the new Erangel 2.0 map to the Pubg Mobile, the older Erangel map will remain available in the game or it will replace with the new Erangel 2.0. So let me tell you that the older map will completely be replaced with the new one. You will have only new Erangel 2.0 to play.

So we can expect the final version of Pubg Mobile 1.0.0 update with Erangel 2.0, new three lobby, new UI interface, and lot more function. These new changes will start the new era as they are also replacing the older Pubg mobile 0.19.0 series with the new 1.0.0.

All these points indicate that we will see the new update on August 24 where will release the new Pubg Mobile 1.0.0 update. Alongside, we will also get more exciting things at the live event.

Are you excited for the next Pubg Mobile event? What do you think what’s more to unveil at Pubg Mobile New Era Announcement event? Please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.