PUBG Mobile Unlimited Money UC APK: Download, Install & More

PUBG is one of the most favorite games of current time. It has more than 100M downloads on Google Play Store. The digital world has a great madness for this popular game. The most important reason for the popularity of PUBG is the game is available across the platforms.

PUBG or the PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds can be played in two different modes either you can play Arcade mode or the Classic mode. In the Arcade mode, you will be able to play different types of missions which you can play easily like Small War, Sniper Training and many more. In the Classic mode, PUBG has three different types of maps which you can choose according to your choice. Last week, PUBG released an update with some awesome features which you can now download from Google Play Store. In the Classic mode there are 100 players who fight against each other to win the match. This game can be played single, duo or squad. The winner gets a title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. There are many things which you need to collect during a match like guns, bags, helmets, health drinks, bandages, and many more. You can also look for a bike or car in the game to travel from one point to another point.

Unlimited PubG Money or PubG US

UC aka Unknown Cash is a form of credit or game currency of the PUBG mobile, which you can use to buy any premium item in the PUBG shop. Right now,  the price of every 60 UC is equal to $0.99. In  PUBG Mobile, you cannot send UCs to a friend. You can send some money to your friend using which he/she can use to purchase UCs. Also, you can buy Skins, Shirts and gift it to your friends. There is a huge craze for different Skins, Shirts which can be bought using UCs only but it is difficult to afford for everyone. So many PUBG players try to find a way to get it for free. And today we are here with an APK which can be used to get unlimited PUBG Money UC. So let us see the details of this APK.

How to Download Unlimited Money APK

Click Here to download the APK file

The APK file is of 48 MB, so make sure you have enough space on your device to download this file. Once you have downloaded it you can easily install it on your system and start getting unlimited Money easily. Let us see how you can install this.

How to Install Unlimited Money APK

Once  the file is downloaded from the above link which is given in the above link follow the below steps to install it on your device.

Step 1: For installing this APK you need to enable the installation from other sources on your Android device. For doing this Go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2 : Now, find the downloaded APK file in your downloads folder of your device and click on that.

Step 3: Click on the install button.

Once you click on the install button, it will be automatically installed. If you face any difficulty in installing the APK, we recommend to delete the downloaded APK and download it again using the above link.

APK Details

Official APK Name: PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

APK size: 48 MB

Latest version: v0.17.0

Price – Free

Required Android Version – 4.2 and above

Unlimited PUBG Money UC APK Details

The APK is a mod version of the PubG Mobile game which is not officially available on Google Play Store. It can be used by players to get unlimited PubG money or UCs using which players can buy anything from PubG shop. Although this APK claims that it has a feature of providing unlimited UCs but recently a couple of youtube videos says that APK is not working. The UC can only be seen visually but cannot be used to purchase or buy anything from the shop. Also, use of this any type of APK file is not allowed by the PubG developers but still we have not received any reports of ban by the users of this APK but using this APK may lead to permanent bans also. So use the APK at your own choice.

Bottom Line

Just download the APK, install it on your system, get unlimited UCs and buy something from shop and let us know if this APK worked for you and whether you faced any challenge while downloading or installing it in the comment section.