PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Review: Tips & Tricks To Survive Till End

Recently, everyone is talking about the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode that arrived with latest PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. Well, most of people who have downloaded PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 APK are enjoying the new Zombie Mode and some still haven’t updated the game. Although, if you are a PUBG mobile gamer, you would like to know everything about the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Survive Till Down. So, here we have come to help you share every detail about the new PUBG Zombie Mode reviews and also tips to survive in PUBG Mobile Zombie mode.

I should start with the word most engaging and challenging mode ever in PUBG Mobile. Yes, the new PUBG Zombie mode is all about keep active killing Zombies and opponent players in the game. If you stop, you will get killed by naked hands of Zombie.  Don’t think that Zombies are fool and slow so that you can kill them easily. Well they are fool and fast enough to snatch bare hands. Once you the Zombie wave start, you will think that it’s easy to kill them, but it the number of Zombies will increase as night comes as well the Zombie boss will come to hunt you down.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks

  • Our first suggestion is all try to start looking for best loot so that you can start hunting Zombies and Zombie boss when they come in night. And also, try to keep yourself far from the Zombie bosses which are very huge and strong than other normal Zombie till to kill all normal walking dead.
  • If you have seen Zombie movies, then you might have thought of killing them by headshot. Yes, that’s possible to quickly kill Zombie by headshot, since these Zombies are fast and moving it will get tougher to get better headshot. Once more thing here that once the large Zombie wave start, you can throw grenades to kill them all at once, make sure you throw grenades away from yourself and your squad. It would be amazing also to throw a Molotov cocktail to see them burning.
  • There is also plus point to killing Zombies that you can get easy look by killing them. But never try smoke on Zombie as it won’t divert them. You can track your knocked out teammate by blood. And also, do not waste your time in healing if you have enough health to kill them. If you heal then they can give you same damage. So, always try to kill them all and then once the wave completed, you can get all loot from Zombies and heal yourself.
  • While playing in Zombie mode, there are still many other player are playing on the same island. So while killing Zombies, don’t get stuck at killing them only, try to keep your eyes surrounding. Maybe some other players are watching you and try to give you the painful headshot. Also keep in your mind that there is one Resident Evil 2 Boss of one Zombie Wave, so once you finish killing the Zombie wave, make sure that you have killed the Zombie boss as well. Once one Zombie wave complete, you can see on map that next wave is coming. So, play the game accordingly and try to kill opponents before the next Zombie wave starts.
  • Well, there are some new weapon added in the Zombie mode: M134 Minigun, Flamethrower, Combat Knife, and Zombie Grenade which you can use to kill Zombie and their bossed.

All over new PUBG Mobile Zombie mode is more thorny and exciting then other PUBG Mobile arcade and classic modes. Once you start playing the game, it will give you the complete Zombie movie like experience with its amazing graphics. Hope you enjoyed the review of PUBG Mobile Zombie mode and PUBG Mobile tips. Well, the Zombie mode event will run for limited time. So don’t waste your, just play the new PUBG Zombie mode and share you experience with us in comments. And what’s you want see on next PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update. Just comment anything below.