PUBG Xbox First Event Mode Desert Knights Is Now Live: Check Out The Schedule

While people are very excited about the upcoming new PUBG Snow Map, the PUBG Xbox Team has announced its first time ever event mode called “Desert Knights” for PUBG Xbox One players. So, your this weekend will be more exciting. In the new PUBG Xbox One Event mode is the deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other down in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that fly by intermittently.

This event mode will be held in Miramar map where you drop with 10- person squad kitted with all level three gear, a care package weapon, and other items. . Teams will get points for knockdowns and kills, and the team that reaches 150 points, or has the highest points after 12 minutes, will win the game. So, are you ready for the first every PUBG Xbox First Event Mode? If so, then check out the full schedule here:


STARTS: Sep 20, 07:00PM PDT / Sep 21, 04:00AM CEST

ENDS: Sep 23, 07:00 PM PDT / Sep 24, 04:00AM CEST


10-man squads on Miramar


Can only queue by you, no group queue available due to stability issues. They also claim that they will soon add FPP and group queues as soon as they are in a stable state.