What’s New Coming in PUBG Mobile Season 15?

It has been a week since Pubg mobile season 14 landed with the new “Spark The Flame” theme. The latest battle pass season 14 releases the latest update with some great costumes, weapon skins, and lore more rewards.

After the release of Pubg Mobile season 14, many Pubg geeks are wondering what is new coming to the next season 15 and what will be the theme of the next season. Considering the buzz among users around the world, we have come with the latest leaks about upcoming Pubg Mobile royal pass season 15.

While the next season of the game is still one and half month away from us, but many leaks roaming everywhere about some new rewards in Pubg mobile season 15.

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Rewards Leaks

New outfit

As we know that every new season brings new outfits and rewards. Some items you can purchase through UC and some you can get for free by completing daily and monthly mission. It will include a jacket, short pants, and a pair of gloves as well as a pair of matching shoes to go with the outfit.


The latest leak also claims that there would be the new backpack for all the Pubg mobile players we have not seen so long.

M16A4 gun

Just like every, more your win the matches with good kill and survival ration, the more you get the tier points and increase the tier. Step by step, when you tier improved, it will help to get more tier rewards.  So the rumours suggested that you will also get M16A4 gun at some tier.

Face masks

One of the most interesting things about season 15 is that there will be new Face masks in the game which look completely new and amazing. You can also use make-up on our face while there would make no graffiti.

The upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 15 Battle Pass will no longer feature any graffitis. Instead, there will be 12 new face masks, which can also be referred to as face make-up. These masks will only be available with the Battle Pass.

AKM gun skin

There are also leaks roaming everywhere about the new AKM gun skin. So now the season 15 will be called Aqua Leon which will be there for 90RP.

Parachute and new vehicle skin

The Pubg mobile season 15 will also have new Parachute some new vehicle skin. You can get these rewards by increasing tiers. You can get new Parachute as well as the new vehicle skin you can use in the game.

Final words

There is no news, or any beta arrived about the next Pubg Mobile update yet. As for now, we have all this information about the next Pubg mobile season 15. We are all waiting for more update about what’s new coming in the next Pubg Mobile update. Along with all these things, what more things you want to see on the future updates!