How To Access PUBG Mobile Season 8 Right Now (0.13.5 UPDATE)

As we know that PUBG Mobile season 7 is about to end, every PUBG gamer is excited about the next PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update as well as next royal pass season 8. The great news for every PUBG Mobile players is now you can access season 8 by downloading the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta update.

Yes, that’s true! Tencent games have pulled a pubg mobile beta 0.13.5 version online for Android and iOS users. The update called “Power Of Ocean.”  Sounds interesting, right? The next PUBG Mobile update is based on sea life as the makers are celebrating one year of pubg mobile season 1. So, there will be more surprises in the next PUBG Mobile ocean update.

Well, everyone is impressed with the ocean theme update of PUBG Mobile as more options like pirated costumes are still under the hood. Furthermore, there is also some change in Royal Pass subscription models as there will be two subscription models. The first one will be called the Elite Upgrade and will give around 300UC in-game currency and a lot of other goodies. The goodies will include rare outfits, Bronze Armor, Shark’s Bite – DP28, Delta Squad Set, Swamp Horror -SLR, Shells on Shore, and other stuff.

And another option will be The Elite Upgrade Plus will offer 1,800UC in-game currency and also other exclusive stuff. Players will get access to new weekly Elite Missions. Also, there will be a lot of special stuff up for grabs such as the Scarlet Horror – SCAR-L rifle, 100 paid rewards, and Deep Sea UAZ (a UAZ with the Deep Sea livery).

The PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update is not only up to royale pass season 8. The update also includes new PP-19 Bizon weapon and addition of RPG-7 rocket launcher which is replacing the M249 LMG in the new deathmatch mode. With the latest update, the player will also be able to equip the DP-28 with skin which was not possible before. SLR and Scar-L are also getting new ocean-themed skins along with a new backpack. So, it will be fun to play with all the latest ocean theme costumes and weapons.