How to Control Recoil in PUBG Mobile

PUBG is arguably the most famous FPS game in the entire world, and since its release all the way back in 2016, this game has gone to break some of the most impressive records in gaming history.

The same goes for the mobile version of the game, which saw the same success as the PC and XBOX versions, if not even more. Released not long after the game was an international hit on computers worldwide, PUBG Mobile is completely free to play, giving players the opportunity to enjoy one of the best shooter games in the world any way they want to. PUBG Mobile has risen to become one of the most played games in countries like India, China, Canada and many others.

A Little About PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is available on both the Android Playstation and the iOS App Store, and comes with the massive benefit of being one of the greatest free mobile shooters. The game is mostly played in a Third Person Shooter style, though a lot of people also prefer to switch their view to First Person.

However, a lot of players have a very particular problem when trying to play PUBG Mobile: they aren’t able to control the recoil of the weapon, which leads to their aim being completely off and, in most cases, being defeated in the case of encountering another player. While it does require you to understand some factors that contribute to the recoil of the weapon, there are lots of tips to help you control the recoil and thus indirectly improve your aim a lot.

Tips for Controlling Recoil

Below, you’ll find some of the best tips for controlling the recoil of your weapon in PUBG Mobile, something which can directly go a long way towards helping you win more matches and be a good player:

  • Firing in Short Bursts: One of the biggest factors that contribute to the recoil of a weapon is how long you fire it. Firing your entire ammo magazine means that you’ll get uncontrollable amounts of recoil, something that stands true no matter what Shooter game you’re talking about. Firing in short bursts, i.e firing three to five bullets at a time, helps you reduce and control the recoil of the weapon, which is why most pro PUBG Mobile players advise newer players to fire in short bursts.

This way, you also get time to aim properly, and if you miss, you won’t have to reload immediately, which means that you get to save both time and ammunition by firing in short bursts. For most weapons in PUBG Mobile, they have a burst mode as well, which you can use to fire. Alternatively, you can just fire in automatic mode for shorter durations of time.

  • Choosing the Right Guns: There are a variety of different kinds of weapons in PUBG Mobile: from pistols to submachine guns, assault rifles, crossbows, sniper rifles and even machine guns, there is a large arsenal of weapons that you can choose up to two from. Most players go for weapons that do more damage with each shot, such as assault rifles or sniper rifles, but the disadvantage of these is that they have a lot of recoil, thus requiring greater efficiency with the weapon and good aim.

But, if you want to control the recoil of the weapon, you should go for a light gun that doesn’t have much recoil, such as submachine guns. Submachine guns don’t do as much damage, but you can move faster while holding them than when compared to assault rifles and sniper rifles, and they also come with the great benefit of reduced recoil.

  • Keep Your Reticle at Head Height: This is more of a tip for improving your aim than a way to control your recoil, but if you use both the tips for controlling recoil, this should allow you to instantly eliminate anybody you come up against. As you have the benefit of better aim from controlling your recoil, a few well aimed headshots will win you the game!


At the end of the day, controlling your recoil allows for better gameplay, and will improve your experience with the game overall. If you want to make sure that you are one of the best players around, controlling your recoil can go a long way towards making sure that you always hit your shots.