How To Live Stream PUBG Mobile On YouTube: Android & iPhone

Since the release of online multiplayer PUBG for Android and iOS, a millions of people are play regularity a lot while some of pro PUBG players like to live stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube so that other player from the next corner of the world can watch the gameplay. So, here we have come with simple guide to live stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube from Android and iOS device.

As we know that YouTube is the best platform to share ideas and your inner talent to the world by seating in your personal room by uploading your video or live streaming your activity.  Likewise, since the craze of PUBG started all around the world, many also like to watch PUBG mobile live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Well, many people have idea to go live on YouTube, but most of people don’t know how to live stream on YouTube with PUBG mobile. We have read on many forums about the PUBG Mobile live streaming process for YouTube. So, we did little effort to prepare a guide to let you live stream your best PUBG game on YouTube to get live and comment from all around the world.

Earlier we discussed about how to live stream PUBG on Facebook, and here we will show how to live stream PUBG on YouTube from mobile.

Steps To Start PUBG Mobile Live Stream On YouTube From Android and iOS

Well, it isn’t that tough to live stream your PUBG mobile game YouTube. You can easily use a YouTube gaming app to start live stream while playing without any disturbance. So, without wasting much time, let’s find out how to live stream PUBG on YouTube from phone.

Step #1: Download YouTube Gaming app free for Android and iOS.

Step #2: Install the app on your mobile and launch it.

Step #3: Once you see the home screen, tap on the Broadcast button at the top.

Step #4: Now you need to choose the stream quality 720p or 480p, and also weather you want to live stream or Record on your phone to telecast later.

Step #5: Once you start the live steam starts, you will get all notifications, comments, and also your password and call will be visible to viewers. So, we suggest your please enable (DND) Do Not Disturb Mode.

Step #6: When you start streaming next time, you will get list of app to stream and you can scroll down to the bottom to expand the list to add all apps.

Step #7: When you start live stream, always give an attractive title and description so that you can get more viewers.

Step #8: There are also different sharing platform available which you can use to invite your followers by sharing the live streaming link.

Step #9: Now your mobile screen will notify you that the live streaming is starting, so fully prepare yourself to face the viewers.  It will use the front facing camera and you can also use bubble to wherever you want on screen.

Step #10: So when you start the PUBG live streaming on YouTube, the floating bubble is where you’ll find all your streamer controls. Simply tap the bubble to expand the streaming menu at the bottom of your screen, which will give you stats on viewership, toggle text chat, and other settings.

That’s all!

Final Words

So, this was the complete process of live streaming PUBG Mobile to YouTube from smartphone. Hope you followed the guide carefully and successfully completed the first live streaming on YouTube. There are a lot of people have created YouTube channels and live streaming daily from their smartphones and getting a great response from followers and viewers. Well, if you have a great YouTube channel with a lot of subscriber then do not forget to share it with us.