Next PUBG PC To Come With Clan System Soon Like PUBG Mobile

As we know that PUBG PC players down 82% from the peak which is very disappointing for the PUBG Corp, recently we have heard that PUBG PC makers are planning to make the next update interesting. According to the well-known dataminer PlayerIGN, who is active in the PUBG community and has been accurate with previous leaks and now claims that the next PUBG PC update to add the Clan System.

Yes, that’s the truth! The dataminer PlayerIGN posted on Twitter about the upcoming PUBG PC update which could bring the Clans. He reported that there would be up to 20 players in a clan, with clan names running between 3 and 15 characters and shorter tags running 2 and 4 characters. One more thing he added that clans wouldn’t free as you will have to spend 5000 BP.

New stuff on Clan System:

– 5,000 BP COST – Title: 2-15 char., 6 num. – Tag: 2-4 char. – Slogan: 30 char. – Presentation: 180 char. – Members: 20

– “recruits” & “‘résumés”

[Also ‘No Clan’ labels were found on the Leaderboard (removed)– Clan could be linked with the new Ranked]

— PlayerIGN (@PlayerIgn) November 7, 2019

The images posted by the PlayerIGN revealed that there would be a type of “résumés” and “recruits” element to the system. It means players will have to show his/her gameplay stats to an existing clan to show them that they are good enough to join the clan. Still, there is no further detail about the participation process of clans.

As recently Discord finding a “no clan’ label in the game’s Leaderboard, which indicates that the files were added within the last three months with the recruits and resumes being recent addition and the clan system couple be the part of game’s new ranked mode. So, it will be fun to keep the challenges up in the PUBG PC with the new Clans System.

In the PUBG Mobile version, the clan system was added a year ago. We don’t know why PUBG makers are taking too long to add it in the PUBG PC version. Well, we are finally happy that PUBG PC is getting clan system in the next update. It would be a huge deal for all PUBG PC players. So it’s better to get some good names and slogans for your clan.

As a PUBG PC user, do you think PUBG Corp. is doing well with clan system? Do you think it could attract previous PUBG players? If you have anything to share with us which could bring all previous PUBG players back, then feel free to share everything in the comment box. Also, do not forget to share feedback about recently PUBG PC 5.1 Patch notes.