PUBG 8.1 Patch AKA PUBG Season 8 Trailer Dropped

Just a few hours ago PUBG Corporation has dropped the official gameplay trailer of PUBG Season 8: Return to Sanhok with the description “Sanhok is better than ever in Season 8! Explore new locations, updated favorites, and hidden mysteries as you fight your way to victory!”

We know just like us, you are all excited to get hands-on the new PUBG 8.1 Patch as soon as possible and that new gun, MG-42, has added more eagerness. The developers want to make the new 8.1 patch tasty for PUBG Gamers with an extremely cinematic trailer. There are many innovations to see. Particularly striking is the battle scenario with a very Vietnamese feel.

The motor glider rattles above, the speedboat rushes up on the water and while the hell breaks loose in the small village of fishermen’s huts, the new bag aster, which is a new addition, also rushes past. If you are not itching to jump straight into battle, the competitive Battle Royale gene simply seems to be missing.

With the new PUBG 8.1 patch, the developers have revised the Sanhok Island completely with new upgrades. PUBG official website has mentioned all new things in Sanhok for season 8. Under the battle cry “Return to Sanhok” you want to lure the players back into the forgotten jungle paradise. You can find out what visually awaits you here.

The comment section on the YouTube video of the trailer has been flooded with love from the PUBG gamers across the globe. One user wrote: “I can’t wait to shred people with MG-42 hope it’s not an airdrop weapon,” another wrote with praise “Best update in age, well-done PUBG, after a lot of grief, you’ve finally produced something worthwhile, go get those chicken folks!”

PUBG Mobile users also have reason to be excited since PUBG Mobile Lite new update would be releasing very soon. May be on 25 July on the occasion of its first anniversary.