PUBG Mobile Become Top-Grossing Mobile Game with $208.8 Million in July

In May, Pubg Mobile earned more than $226 million in revenue and became the world’s highest-grossing game. That’s huge as any Pubg Mobile has reached that peak earlier. But again, another record made by Pubg Mobile game.

Yes, Pubg Mobile is steadily rising when it comes to adding new exciting, and making profiles. In July, Pubg Mobile overtook the highest grosser, Honor of King, and became the top more blatant with the implausible 10.8% more compared to July 2019.

As per the report from Sensor Tower, 46.6% of the total revenue came from the Chinese version of the game, and 10% from the US and 5.6% from Saudi Arabia. By adding this profit, the total profile of the game is reached at $3 billion by adding $208.8 million in July.

PUBG Mobile is on a continuous rise. It has become the top-earning game worldwide in July 2020 by overtaking Honor of Kings. The game has made an incredible increment of 10.8% from July 2019. Its lifetime revenue reached hit $3 billion and $208.8 million in July.

 So now the Honor of Kings is second place in the game earning with the $16.8 million. The Honor of Kings is also provided by Tencent, which generated $192 million in July. So this revenue is taking the game’s profile to 34.8%. Just like Pubg Mobile, the maximum revenue of this game has come from China around 94%.

The third position stays with the Monster Strike, and Pokemon GO is jumped to the fourth place by dropping the site of Roblox. Well, on the Google Play Store, the Monster Strike is at the top while Honor of Kings topped the App Store in the revenue-generating app.

If we talked about the earning of NCSOFT’s Lineage M, the game still has the record of the highest monthly high revenue after July 2018. The game crossed the $75.8 million mark and earned more than $2.8 billion all-time income. The game has been played mostly by South Korea.

When it comes to the most downloads, active users, revenue, and yearly growth, the game is holding the great position as it has been recorded the top-grossing all for Q2 of 2020. According to the Sensor Tower, the game builds up to $621 million in revenue in the second quarter with the 2.7 billion game download.

With the more $208.8 million in July, Pubg Mobile again touches the sky-high by letting other games behind in revenue. Let’s wait for the August month’s income as is taking the record, I guess.