PUBG Season 8 Is Available for PC Now: Console Update Is Scheduled for July 30

PUBG Corp. is now inviting all PC PUBG gamers to return to an overgrown Sanhok with a lavish green graphics upgrade for season 8. The enhanced map is now full of new locations, dangers, and even a few secrets that will improve the gameplay.

Many things have changed in Sanhok. From now on there are self-driving trucks that are doing their rounds on the map. As soon as you attack them, like heavily armed boxes, and loot boxes will fall out. If the bag aster is completely destroyed, players get access to weapons with special skins – a first at PUBG. These commandeered weapons are all minted by their mysterious previous owners.

Speculations have it that there has been an extraordinary incident on Sanhok. What exactly happened is not entirely known. But the new Sanhok Map provides some pointers. With the new Survivor Pass: Payback for Season 8, you unlock new items that further clarify the events on the island.A new ranking season is also starting. One of the major improvements is that team ranking rather than individual placement is taken into account in the ranking points.

Season 8 is now available on PC Battle Royale players and from July 30, 2020, on consoles with the 8.1 update. You can read the extensive patch notes on the official website. Our favorite game is supported by gaming platforms like Google Stadia and all the gaming consoles and gaming platforms including PS4, PC, and Xbox One.