The Game of Throne Intro Like PUBG Snow Map Teaser Trailer Leaked

After PUBG’s eye-catching tweet about the upcoming PUBG Snow Map update, every PUBG gamers have been started dreaming about the PUBG winter or snow map. Well, we already talk about the PUBG Snow map release date and its new location, vehicles, and more. And today, we have come with another sneak peek of PUBG Snow Map. You can also say PUBG Snow Map Teaser Trailer.

A dataminer from the Reddit has released the first look of PlayerUnknonw’s Battlegrounds’ upcoming snow map. Hence, the PUBG snow map leaked files to let them recreate the map, which is dubbed Dihor Otok, and you can take a look at a flyover, frozen lake, and amazing castles like the Battlefield 1.

Check out the PUBG Snow Map Teaser Trailer:

What is the name of new PUBG Snow Map?

Whether it would be called “Vikendi” or “Dihor Otok”. The new PUBG winter theme map has areas named Cosmodrome, DinoPark, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle.

What’s in PUBG Snow Map Sneak Pick?

When you see the PUBG Snow map teaser leaked clip, you will see the flyover begins in the north of the map, and the camera first heads to Cosmodrome, an abandoned space base which still has a rocket standing at its centre. From there the camera pans down the frozen river in the north, arriving at a moated castle, complete with towers and underground cellars.

The camera then moves around the map’s southern coast, taking a brief look at some of the settlements there, before moving to the Cement Factory. Initial impressions suggest that this looks a little like the Mylta Power Stations in the south-east of the game’s Erangel map, or some of the more industrial areas of Miramar. From there, the camera moves along the north coast, taking in some docks, before ending above a frozen lake to the north-west. Well, this PUBG Snow Map recreation is amazing, but you cannot it is 100% correct.

We would assume snow covered pine trees or trees that have no leaves since they fell of for winter. Just look up northern environments for some examples.

What’s more about new PUBG Snow Map?

Talking about more PUBG new map release date and features, then let me tell you that it will come with 8×8 size, new explosive, new Beetle vehicle, and more.

Final Lines

Hope you liked the first PUBG Snow map teaser. Let us know what your thinking about next PUBG map is. If you have any other concept in your mind, you can also share with is through comments.