Tips To Reach “Ace” In PUBG Mobile Season: Let’s Go At The Top

There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile one of the most popular multiplayer games these days since more than 200 million players are playing the game right now. Tencent often releases the new season every three months, and every season comes with different levels and tags.

From the Gold to the “Conqueror,” there are multiple levels that people around the world are playing the game too hard to get the Ace or Conqueror. For your kind information, I must tell you that it doesn’t matter you reached at the Ace on one season, you will have to start the next season from the bottom.

As the entire worlds is now lockdown and people spending time playing the game, the PUBG Mobile Season 12 is going on, and “Rank Push To Ace” is one of the latest trends among PUBG players they want to reach at Ace by hook or by the cook. Considering the trend and craze about the players around the world, here we have prepared some tips to reach Ace in PUBG Mobile with easy. So if you are wondering to get Ace or Conqueror tag, then these are some tips and tricks you should follow. Let’s check them out!

Tips and Tricks To Reach Ace in PUBG Mobile

Whether you want to reach Conqueror or Ace, the path to reach the top is not that easy but not tough as well if you follow the below steps. Talking about the current scenario, around 60% of players are reached to Ace since everyone is lockdown due to Coronavirus. Without wasting much time, check out these top five tips to reach Act in any season of PUBG Mobile.

80% Survival, 20% Kill Rating

The first thing you should keep in mind that the PUBG Mobile game is all about survival, not killing. So we suggest you don’t rush ever in the game and play safe gameplay. Therefore, if you are doing everything safe, then you will get a better rank for sure.

Use your strengths smartly

While playing the game, you should not rush to go behind every enemy to rush and kill them. Rather it would be more your goal to be focused in the game, always be ready with a combination of guns, and keep them loaded whenever required during any consequences.

Keep One Vehicle Along

In the game, the zone and situation change a lot, and for that, you need at least one vehicle to reach in the safe zone as well as take a smart move by going away from the enemies. The larger vehicle will also help you to block bridges as well to make some ambush.

Avoid Jumping to the Hotspot place

Here we hotspot means that try to ignore those where most players jump. So if you often jump at the places like Pochinki, Military Base, Georgopool, BootCamp, Paradise, Novo, Mylta, then be sure about the next jump. So it would be better to jump on the less crowded areas in the game.

Carry Grenades and Smokes in the final zones

Carrying smokes and grenades always help players in the last zone to kill the enemies smartly rather than using guns. In the final zone of the game, everything will become so quick and critical; you can use smokes to keep your moves under the smoke and kill the enemies with grenades in the final zone.

That’s all!

Well, there were some major tips in the game we have found, which will help you to reach Ace or Conqueror level in PUBG Mobile season. If you some other tips that help to reach Ace easily, then please do share with us in the comment box. You can also ask any other tips related to the PUBG Mobile.