Don’t Buy PUBG Mobile Season 15, Why?

Finally, the most awaited Pubg Mobile Season 15 is now available for users all around the world. If you have waited a long for this new season, we will be glad to tell you that the new season has finally landed with the new tagline “Beyond The Ace.”

With the new Pubg Mobile season 15, there have been new costumes, weapons skins, emotes, and many more items added to the Pubg Mobile. But do you think it is worth to buy Pubg Mobile season 15 elite royale pass?

Please don’t spend your UC on Season 15 royale pass this time as every costume and item is not impressive as the previous season. Yes, we honestly believe that Pubg mobile season 15 doesn’t have that much good costumes and skins, which are not worth to spend your UC. So if you are thinking about spending UC in Pubg mobile season 15, you must check out the below video, which will give you the full ride of every item in Pubg mobile season 15, and you will idea whether it is worth spending UC on royale pass.

Another reason for not spending UC in Pubg Mobile season 15 is that if you live in India, then we must say that Pubg and the Indian Government are still talking about whether the game should be banned in India. Well, the Indian Government banned the game, and it has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Hence, it may also get banned from the server anytime. Before going ahead to buy the new Pubg Mobile season 15 royale pass, you should think about it as it may get blocked from the server anytime, and your item will be wasted.

So don’t be in a hurry to buy the new Pubg Mobile season 15 royale pass this time. You should consider all the above points and then decide whether it is worth to spend your money on the new season of Pubg mobile.

Hope you read the article carefully and finally decided to buy the new Pubg Mobile season 15 this time. Even if the Government unban the game in India, it is still not significant to spend your valuable UCs on the new Pubg Mobile season 15.

If you have bought the Pubg Mobile Season 15 royale pass, please do share your feedback with us in the comment section. Feel free to share your opinion about the new season of Pubg Mobile.