How To Get Free Gun Skins in PUBG Mobile 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many people around the world including me started spending too much time on PUBG mobile. As the game offers dozens of free weapon skin, clothes, and more rewards, people are often too keen to play the game. If you are also a huge pubg fan and want to get gun skin, then here we have the trick to do it for free.

The latest PUBG Mobile 13 is full of rewards which you can get by completing daily and weekly mission. Some rewards are not free as there are a number of weapon skins available, but you will have to spend in-game UC, an in-game currency that you can get from the real money. Everyone can’t pay the real money to get weapon skin in PUBG Mobile.  Hence, we have come to help you get PUBG Mobile Gun skins for free.

Methods To Get Free Gun Skin In PUBG Mobile

#1: Different Events

PUBG Mobile holds some events weekly and monthly with some missing and levels. Once you complete those missions and events, you will get a chance to earn some weapon skin and other items for free. PUBG Mobile holds these events regionally. So you can even use the VPN to participate in some other regional events to get some extra rewards.

#2: Redeem Codes

Sometimes PUBG Mobile and any other collaboration with the game release some redeemable codes which let users use it on the official page to get some reward for free. So you will have to keep your eyes on the official PUBG Mobile social media pages and watch the live stream to get those codes very early since it would be available for the limited time.

#3:  Royal Pass Skins

PUBG Mobile also offers free weapon skin in every season of Royal Pass. There hundred different events in the game, and you will have to check in which level the gun skin is available so that you can complete these missions to get the free skin. Talking about the current season 13 gun skin, you can get a P92 Toy Alliance free skin at the Royal Pass 50.

#4: Get Free UC

Along with the above methods, there are also other blogs, and some apps claim to get UC free by completing some tasks. So you can event do the same to get free UC and that UC can be used to buy skin in PUBG Mobile. There are some open platforms to get UC free like Google Opinion Reward, Prize Rebel, Idle-empire, and Grab points.

Well, there are some best ways to earn Gun skins for free in PUBG Mobile. These methods are legal, and you cannot get banned using these methods. But be careful about other illegal methods that are claiming to generate free UC as Tencent sometimes completely banned those users. Other than these, if you know some other tricks to get weapon skin free in PUBG Mobile, then feel free to share with us in the comment box.