How To Install PUBG Mobile Without Internet: The Complete Guide To Transfer Game Data

Since the release of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile, people are going craze over the game and made the game one of the most popular games around the world. As the game getting a great response from users around the world, the makers are adding more stuff to the game. Therefore, more people want to install PUBG Mobile.

As a PUBG Mobile gamer, I know that it takes around 2GB of data to download and install the full game. So you should a more than enough internet data to download and install the game. That’s would great if you have a proper Wi-Fi connection. But what if you don’t Wi-Fi and not enough mobile data to install the game? If you are dealing with the same scenario, then here we have the guide to install PUBG Mobile without an internet connection.

You can follow this guide and install PUBG Mobile without using a simple MB of data, but make sure that you have a friend nearby with the latest version of the game so that you can transfer game data and files on your device without an internet connection.

Note: Only Android users can follow this process as there is no way to transfer data from iOS to iOS device.

How To Install PUBG Mobile Without Internet

Step #1: First of all, you need to make sure that you already have installed any fast media transferring app like Share me or Xender. Now connect your device to another via this transfer app.

Step #2: Once your device is connected with other devices, first you have to transfer PUBG Mobile APK file from your friend’s phone.

Step #3: On your friend’s device, go the Files→ Android →Obb folder. Here your friend needs to search “com.tencent.ig” and select the “” file and send it to the receiver’s phone.

NOTE: Some device may have a different file name, but you will have to find the obb file with “main…” file in this folder.

Step #4: Now the sender has to go to the File→Android→ Data within the app and then select the entire folder with the name “com.tencent.ig” to your phone.

Step #5: Once you receive every file and folder on your device, find the PUBG Mobile APK file and start the installation process. Once it’s done, close it.

Step #6: Now close the file sharing and open the File Manager.

Note: Before you go ahead, make sure that you have deleted the older version of the game. If no, then go to the Phone Storage> Android > obb and delete the com.tencent.ig folder as well as the folder with the same name in the Android > data location.

Step #7: Now navigate to folder where you receive files from your friend’s device.

Step #8: Once you found it, choose the OBB file and move it to the Phone Storage → Android → OBB (folder). Here you need to create a new folder in the OBB folder with the name “com.tencent.ig”. You can do it by tapping on the Hamburger icon on the top and choose the “New Folder” option. Once you created it, just Paste the Obb file inside the folder.

Step #9: Now you have to go back to the received file folder of the sharing app and move the ““com.tencent.ig” folder to the Phone Storage > Android > data (folder).

Step #10: Your last step is just open the PUBG Mobile app normally and grant “storage” permission and wait to analyse the game data.

That’s it!

Once the game analysed the game data, you favourite game will be ready to play on your smartphone. Hope you enjoyed the game and this article helped you to save 2GB of your mobile data. While following the guide, if you come around any problem, you can directly share with us through the comments.