How To Play PUBG Mobile new Mysterious Jungle Mode?

After the one month of wait, PUBG Mobile has finally revealed the new Sanhok-based Mysterious Jungle Mode for all the PUBG Mobile lovers from all around the world. If you have waited a long time to see how the new Mysterious Jungle Mode look and what’s you aim, then here we have some tips for playing the new PUBG Mobile new Mysterious Jungle Mode excellently.

You might be wondering where this new Mysterious Jungle Mode is and is there any small PUBG Mobile update to get this mode; then we are glad to tell you that this new mode is now live for users worldwide. You can see the mode in the classic map where Sanhok has the new feature image now, which is about the new mysterious mode.

PUBG Mobile new Mysterious Jungle Mode Tips and Tricks

  • Once the game starts, you will get some structure (totems) with some three different colors of mysterious jewels and have different effects.
  • These three different colors of mysterious jewels offer mysterious effects like below when you invoke it:
  • Red Color Jewels: it restores the durability of the player’s armor and gives mostly guns and ammo. Green Color Jewels: it restores the player’s energy and mostly gives scopes and throwables. And Yellow Color Jewels: it restores player’s health and mostly gives helmets, vests, healing items, etc.
  • Once the totem used, you will have to wait for some time to get power restored.
  • You can also get flare guns using this. Two new items of fame have Barrier Totems and Lost Trunk, which can be obtained through invoke totems. You can use the Barrier like throwables and make a cover like a wall, and the Lost Trunks can be used to exchange with some rewards during the event.
  • You will also see some Hot air Balloons on the map, and you use to take a ride in the sky and enjoy the sanhok view with the zoom button at left. Even you can find the totems around the map with the help of Hot Air Balloons. Either you can go down slowly or jump from the Balloon as per your wish.
  • If you feel hungry in the jungle, you can also get some food or fruits in a certain area of the map. Once you eat them, it will give some random mysterious effect in the game.
  • This mysterious map will also let you dance in the game even if you don’t have any emote. You will have to go to the new location near Bhan and find the biggest statue and then click the dance button.

That’s all!

After playing a couple of games on the new PUBG Mobile mysterious map, we have come across these tips and guides. Even you can share some other tips if you have found while playing in the new mysterious jungle mode. Meanwhile, do not forget to test the new Fourex map, which is coming on the next PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. Have any questions? Feel free to ask us in the comments!