How To Win PUBG Mobile 1500 UC FREE (Limited Offer) Season 13 Offer

Good news for all the PUBG Mobile fans around the world as you will get a chance to win free PUBG Mobile 1500 UC right now and get your most favorite costumes and weapon skin. So if you are wondering about getting 1500 UC without spending money, then this is the great chance to earn 1500 UC free in PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile season 13 started with sandstorms blanketing Miramar, weapons getting upgrades, and a fresh Royale Pass. As everyone is excited about the new gameplay, the Tencent Community Team on Reddit announced the new “Draw Bow” emote event. Well, you can find the Draw Bow at the level 55 of royale pass. If you are wondering how to participate in this event and how to get a chance to win free PUBG Mobile 1500 UC, then you should check out the following details!

When this event starts and end?

This community event is for all PUBG Mobile Reddit community members, which starts from May 20th and ends on June 30th.

How To Join The Event?

  • Players will submit videos of themselves in real life doing “The Draw” emote which can be found on Royale Pass level 55
  • Players will submit these clips in public posts shared on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using the hashtag #PUBGMDraw


  • There will be a total of ten (10) winners selected
  • Each winner will be rewarded with 1500 UC

Rules and judging

  • Players must submit their clips in a public post on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using the hashtag #PUBGMDraw
  • Posts on official channel pages, private posts, or ones that do not use the hashtag #PUBGMSurvival will not be eligible for the event.
  • Players may post as many videos as they’d like; however, if one is selected as a winner then all other entries will be disqualified. Players are unable to win more than once.
  • Clips will be judged by the community team based upon uniqueness, how close their video is to “The Draw” emote, and where the emote is being done.

I guess now you understand how to get part in this event and earn free 1500 PUBG Mobile UC. So let’s participate in this event and earn 1500 UC for free. Once you win this free UC, you can use them to buy your favorite costumes and skin. Are you ready take part in this event? Once you record the video, then do not forget to share it with us as well.