Play PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events and Earn Skin Rewards: Check The Full Schedule

It seems like PUBG corp. is keep celebrating its huge success by new continue events like PUBG Mobile start challenge and releasing new updates like PUBG PC update 21. And now, the battle royal game maker has announced the new Mid-Autumn Festival Events as summer winds down and the days grow shorter, many countries around the world gather for their own celebration of the seasonal change. Hence, all PUBG PC players will be able to participate in PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events.

According to the Steam community, the PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events will run over the next 4 weeks, PUBG will be celebrating two of these festivals, and you can join in by playing the game and earning some free festive skins! They also call it the Chuseok and Mid-Autumn festival celebrations. So, without wasting much time, let me tell you the start and end time of PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Event.

PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events: Full Schedule

The event will take place from September 19 through October 16. Each week features new skins that can be earned by simply placing in the Top 15 in 5 games of PUBG during that week.

Here’s The full PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events With Weekly Skins

#1: Event One

Period: Wednesday, September 19 6:00pm – Tuesday, September 25 5:59pm PDT

Reward: Traditional Hanbok Hat, Modern Hanbok Jacket

#2: Event Two

Period: Tuesday, September 25 6:00pm – Tuesday, October 2 5:59pm PDT

Reward: Traditional Glasses (Round), Tang Suit Jacket

#3: Event Three

Period: Tuesday, October 2 6:00pm – Tuesday, October 9 5:59pm PDT

Reward: Modern Hanbok Shirt + Modern Hanbok Pants + Traditional Hanbok Shoes

#4: Event Four

Period: Tuesday, October 9 6:00pm – Tuesday, October 16 5:59pm PDT

Reward: Tang Suit Jacket + Tang Suit Pants + Zip-up Boots


  • You must complete the requirements for each event separately to earn the reward.
  • You can click the crate icon in the game lobby to view event details and rewards.
  • You must click the “Receive” button to claim your reward before each event period ends.

So, are you ready to earn new skins on this PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events? Once after getting some best skins from the PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events¸ do not forget to share your look with us on our Facebook page.