PUBG 8 vs 8 Deathmatch Mode Is Coming Soon: Here’s The Full Report

Every PUBG Mobile players have enjoyed the Deathmatch Mode. It seems like makers are adding this feature in PUBG PC version as they just released the new click, which showcases the fantastic new deathmatch mode in PUBG PC version with 8 vs 8.

Yes, for the time, makers have added the PUBG 8 vs 8 deathmatch mode in the PUBG PC version in 6.1 update. There has been a new PUBG Arcade section added with the new tab in the Play section. Well, there will be more modes in the future, but as for now, devs have added the Team Deathmatch for the first time with the 8v8 players.

Talking about the new Team Deathmatch, it will feature 8v8 players to seven different battlefields from the available from the current maps. When you start playing the mode, you will choose weapons from different weapon layouts. There is only an FPP option, and there will be spawn kids activated. During the match, if your teammate gets killed, then you can review him after 5 seconds of death. You might be wondering why after death, so let me tell you that there is no knockdown in this mode, and players get killed if the health goes down.

The friendly fire is not activated here, so play accordingly. Kills and assists fill the boost gauge, and after not taking damage for 5 seconds and player health will begin to regenerate. Well, there is no way to reconnect to TDM matches, which adds accidentally crashing and leaving the match.

You might be wondering how to win the match, then let me tell you that if you kill 50 too early then the opponent team then you will be the winner of the match or also the highest kills in 10 minutes won the round and two winning round will get the winner tag. The winning team will get the BP depends on the individual score. In this Deathmatch, the blue zone is fixed and rectangular.

Each deathmatch battlefield has different areas from every map as you can go with Stalber and Sosnovka Military Base in ERANGEL, Paradise Resort and Docks in SANHOK, Podvosto and Peshkova in VIKENDI, and Campo Militar in MIRAMAR.

Check out this latest video with Team Deathmatch 8vs8:

Well, the 8v8 option is added to the PUBG PC version with the 6.2 update. We can’t wait to see this option on the PUBG Mobile as many players are eagerly waiting for this option.