PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Will Come With Updated Erangel & The Walking Dead Style Zombie Mode

As the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 just released a week ago, people are excited about the next PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update. And the great news is that the recent Tencent revealed that PUBG Mobile and AMC’s TV show The Walking Dead has collaborated to bring one more The Walking Dead TV shows based- Zombie mode. Well, the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Beta update is now live with “New Infected Zombie Mode’, Helicopter, Companion and more.

Yes, you heard it right! PUBG Mobile is planning to add another New Zombie mode in the upcoming update which will be derived from the TV shows The Walking Dead. Previously, PUBG Mobile collaborated with the Resident Evil 2 team and added the ‘Darkest Night’ and after some time ‘Survive Till Dawn 2’. Well, there isn’t any news about how will be the new zombie mode, but we are excited to play as any The Walking Dead character in the new PUBG Mobile Zombie mode. The Vincent Wang, General, at PUBG Mobile Global 2019 announced the significant partnership with AMC’s popular TV show -The Walking Dead.

It isn’t about only New Zombie Mode, Wang revealed the new Erangel Visual update is coming soon as they showcased a short clip that shows some changes in Mylta Power, Prison, Yasnaya, etc. If you are also playing the PUBG PC version, then you may have an idea about some changes in the new Erangel map.

Well, these were some highlights from the currently running PMCO 2019 Spring Split global finals, Germany. They didn’t reveal more about the upcoming PUBG Mobile updates. But we are very excited about what’s more coming to the new PUBG Mobile update. There is one more good news that the PUBG Lite PC is available for free to download on low-end PC. So, if you want to play PUBG on your 2GB RAM PC, then you can download and install PUBG PC Lite on your computer and enjoy the game for free.