PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret event to starts on 4th August

Yes, we have the good news for all the PUBG Gamers of India about the new Privacy Police upgrade which minimized the risk of banning Pubg in India. Today, we are back with more good news for all the Pubg lovers that Pubg Mobile is landing the new Ancient Secrete mode from August 4th.

Earlier when Pubg Mobile released the new 0.19.0, they added in the note that there would be new Ancient Secrete mode soon. And now, it seems like Pubg Mobile ready to land the new Ancient Secrete event from the next week. Yes, you have heard it right. The new mode is about the release in next week as per the Tweet posted by the official handle.

What is the new Ancient Secrete event?

  • Under this new Ancient Secrete event, the player will be able to play the new Ancient Secrete mode in Erangel and Miramar.
  • Once the game starts, the player will be able to know where the temple locations are with the help of some visible icons.
  • In this mode, you will see some floating temple, and then they suddenly start to rise in the air and float in the air once the mode starts. As it will start moving around the safe zone, players have to be on the floating temple while keeping in mind about the zone.
  • When you enter the ancient floating temple, you will have to solve some puzzles to get some loot and reward in the mode.
  • Once you enter the one temple and then reach the second floating floor, then you will be able to college the boss of that temple and fight against them. If you win against them, you can get some great rewards. But before fighting against the boss, make sure that you have enough ammo and medicines.
  • One thing you should keep in your mind that when you open the treasure chest being in a safe zone, then you will get cursed and turned into the mummy for some seconds.
  • In the mode, you will also see some ruins spread around the map, and it will have puzzles and crates which you can see randomly around the made in the Ancient secrets mode.

Furthermore, the makers of the game also claimed that there would be the new Gun mode to be added soon. And now, the mode is coming to the game from July 31st. In this new mode, one team can fight against another team. As the game progress, the winning team will get good weapons. At the last stage of the game, both the teams will automatically get pan instead of guns and finish the game. This mode will be available in the weekend, so you will be able to play only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Get ready for the new adventure with new Ancient Secrete mode. Other than this, what more you want to see on next Pubg Mobile updates? Please do share your thoughts in the comment box!