PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event: Everything You Need to Know About This Event

Pubg Mobile is one of the great battle royale game which offers some great outfits, gun skins, emotes, and a lot more rewards to make the game better and interesting. The makers provide the Battle Royale seasons in which players have to complete daily and weekly missions to earn some items and increase the level in royale pass.

Furthermore, Pubg Mobile also provides some weekly and daily events which you can follow to get some extra rewards. To offer more supply crates, weapon skins, and more, the makers of the game added a new PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event.

This PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event will run for a week from 18th July 2020 to 27th July 2020. So this is a limited event in which players will have to gather some ingredients and combine them to make a cold and fresh drink! If you made the drink with those ingredients, you would be able to use them in the spawn island or the cheer park. The surprising thing is you can consume these different drinks and get some funny emote effects.

You might be wondering how will think works and how can you get these drink. So let me tell you that you can make a drink by collecting four primary ingredients consisting of syrup, bitters, sour juice, and Chilli sauce, and then you can finally shake up the cold drink with some ice just like the real-life drink.

Let’s find out how to participate and play PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event.

  • If you want to get these rewards, you will have to complete a match in classic mode to get a chance to win these ingredients: Syrup, Bitters, Sour juice, and Chilli sauce.
  • You can go to Cheer Park to get your hands on the ice.
  • After getting those ingredients, you can join any three ingredients with ice and then shake it as per your choice (fast and gently).
  • In this event, you will get more chance to get Syrup on Classic maps and more chances of getting Bitters on the Livik map as well Sour juice at the time of teaming up and then get Chilli sauce which will increase your ranking chance.
  • When you make a drink, it contains three ingredients, and every combination will turn out differently depending on your shake. So keep in mind that as well while making a drink and shaking.
  • There is also a chance to make a Special Drink which can be made from ice and drink you make.
  • You can consume those drinks in Cheer park or Spawn island, which results in some amazing and exciting emotes.
  • If you are wondering how much drinks you can make to get crate and items, then let me tell you that you can make a total of 46 bottles and earn some surprises from the Pubg Mobile. The more you make the drinks; the more you get the chance to get some amazing rewards. You can check below how much drink you will have made to earn some specific rewards:

>10 drinks: Supply Crate coupon

>15 drinks: Rose Sunglasses (7 days)

>20 drinks: 5 Classic Crate coupon scraps

>25 drinks: 300 AG

>30 drinks: Pilot jacket (10 days)

>34 drinks: SKS Tsunami skin (7 days)

So don’t waste your time in other missing as this event will run only for a week. It’s the best chance to get some amazing rewards without spending UC. If you enjoyed this post, then please do not forget to share your feedback with us in the comment box. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Pubg!