Pubg Mobile Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaked Online

What is Pubg Mobile?

“PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best battle royale games where 100 players play online against each other and the last man standing wins the game. In this game, 100 players jump on the spawn island which looks very realistic compared to the other games. All you have to do to collect weapons, medicines, ammo, and survive by sneaking and killing the opponent by keeping yourself in the safe zone.”

Pubg Mobile is not a just game where you go to the spawn island and fight against the enemies and with the match. Other things like weapon skin, costumes, and some amazing emotes to make the game best and unique from other games.

Therefore, Pubg Mobile also announce the seasons with some great costumes, weapon skins, and a lot of rewards which you can get by completing daily and monthly rewards. Also, there are a tier system in which you can go through Bronze, Platinum, Diamond, Ace, and Conqueror. The better you play the game, the better you get the rank and increase the tier.

Last month, Pubg Mobile announced the new season 14. Well, we are still two months away from the next Pubg Mobile season 15. But if you are excited for the upcoming season 15 then here we have some season 15 tier rewards. Let’s check out those events!

Season 15 Pubg Mobile Tier Rewards:

  • New Mask at the Platinum Tier

There will be the new wolf mask in the Pubg Mobile season 15 which look great.

  • New SKS Gun Skin at Diamond Tier

Just like every season tier rewards, the Pubg Mobile season 15 will come with the new SKS gun which we haven’t seen before.

As we know that Pubg Mobile also offers the new parachute skin in every season of the game. So likewise, they also offer the new Parachute in Season 15 with the new season 15 logo and new design.

If you are a professional Pubg Mobile player and somehow reach the Conquer level, then you will be rewarded with the new season 15 conqueror frame.

As for now, we know these season 15 tier reward for Pubg Mobile. Hope you enjoyed the game and happy to know these upcoming season 15 tier rewards. If you are playing Pubg Mobile lot, please do tell us on which tier you are. Are you happy to see these tiers on Season 15? If you have anything to share about upcoming rewards and tier, then please do feel free to share your feedback with us in the comment section.