PUBG Mobile servers down for maintenance, Vikendi snow map coming with 0.10.0

As Tencent team has announced that they the new PUBG mobile 0.10.0 update is coming with new Vikendi snow map, the PUBG Mobile server will go down for a few hours. So, The PUBG Mobile server is currently down and pubg mobile maintenance for next PUBG Mobile update, as the developer is updating the game to version 0.10.0 which will bring the fourth classic mode map, Vikendi.

Yes, from today morning, many PUBG mobile players are not able to log in and get some for a problem. So, if you are one who’s getting PUBG mobile log in problem, then you are not only one who is getting this issue. Thus PUBG Mobile error is occurring because the developer Tencent Games has taken the PUBG Mobile server into maintenance mode, and it is expected to remain so till 2:30PM (IST). So, the PUBG Mobile server may go online earlier or later than the given time so the new PUBG mobile update 0.10.0 is about to release.Talking about what will be new on PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update then we must tell you that you PUBG mobile gamers will be able to play the new PUBG Snow Map Vikendi the game’s popular Classic Mode. There are some Arctic locations covered in snow map which is 6km by 6km long in size.

Well, one good thing about the new PUBG mobile 0.10.0 update is if you will update the 0.10.0 version of PUBG Mobile before the Christmas 25th December, you will get Outfit Box lll (7d) xl and 1888 BP.

What’s new on PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.0?

  • Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map is coming in the new PUBG Mobile that will available announced at a later date. So, keep your eyes on it.
  • There will be new Snow theme in the main menu.
  • New weapon: G36C only in Vikendi
  • The Snowmobile only spawns in Vikendi. Only two players can seat.
  • The Arabic language support added.
  • New cross-server matching.
  • The good news is player will be able to report any suspicious behavior with spectating after dying.
  • New season spending rewards.

So, don’t worry if you the PUBG Mobile down for maintenance. It will take just a few hours to get the PUBG Mobile server status live. So, keep your mind cool until you get new PUBG Mobile update with an amazing new PUBG mobile map Vikendi.