PUBG Mobile Streamer Carry Minati Challenges Mortal to a 1v1 Duel: Check News Here

While the buzz of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update is going on, the latest new arrived as the popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber Carry Minati has challenged former professional PUBG Player and streamer Mortal to play a 1v1 duel.

Yes, you heard it right! Yesterday, the popular player Carry Minati posted the video on YouTube to challenge Mortal. In the video clip, 20-year-old Carry dramatically challenged Mortal to face him in a PUBG Mobile match.

In the video challenge, Carry Minati highlighting that it shamed him when Mortal played much better than him in some previous meet up in PUBG Mobile. He also told in the video that some people called him “noob” after losing some matches against Mortal and not playing well against Mortal in PUBG Mobile game.

Furthermore, Carry also put some condition as he will play PUBG this time in mobile with rules and server according to Mortal’s preferences so that people don’t complain about it. If you are wondering when Carry Minati will face Mortal in PUBG Mobile game, then let me tell you that Carry has also set the challenge date for 16 March 2020 through the video clip.

After some time, Mortal saw Carry’s challenge video during the PUBG Mobile steam and notify his fans who have been eagerly waiting for his reply that he will soon reply about it in the day time and also Mortal was very excited about Carry’s challenging video.

Carry and Mortal both are very popular YouTubers and got a great fan following with a small amount of time because of PUBG. While the challenge is good and nothing is about who is a better player, but it will still be fun for every Carry Minati and Mortal fan to see them in one match.

Well, there is no hate or severe fight between them, but people are excited about them and see the game between Carry Minati and Mortal. We are still waiting for Mortal’s final reply about the challenge. So let’s wait for the Mortal’s last call. Hope we will soon get a chance to see them playing the match on 16 March as Carry challenged.