PUBG New Map Venezia 2.0: Release Date, Weapons, Vehicle, Underwater Gun & More

Here we have come with the latest news & update about next PUBG new map Venezia release date, new features, new vehicles, new interesting points and more about Venezia PUBG map.

As we know that they have recently added the new Vikendi snow map, the people have started assuming for new PUBG Map Venezia. So, there have been many buzzes roaming about the PUBG new map Venezia.

Considering the craze of the upcoming PUBG new Venezia PUBG map, here we have come with every detail about the next PUBG Map Venezia 2.0. Yes, if you are wondering that what will be the name of the new PUBG map, then you should know that as per the latest news suggested that it will be called “Venezia”. The new PUBG map Venezia is based on Venice, Italy.

PUBG New Map Venezia: Locations, Vehicles, Weapons, Underwater Shoot

PUBG Venezia map size & locations

As the Sanhok is designed by the James coreman, the employee of PUBG corp, the new Venezia PUBG map is also designed by the James coreman. It will come with size of 4×4 just like the Sanhok map. As for the size of the map, it is said that it will include the area between Georgepol, Pochinki and Primorsk

As we know that Vanice is tourist place and well known for its large number of canals, bridges and small islands, we will see the same kind of in the Venezia PUBG Map with some interesting locations Mariwa, Castle, Main Square, and Harbor.

PUBG New Venezia map Vehicles

Talking about a new vehicle in new Venezia PUBG Map, then we will see Aquarail, Bicycle, and Vespa just like real city Venice.

PUBG New Venezia map Weapons

  • Beretta ARX 160(Assault Rifle)
  • Benelli M4(Shotgun)
  • HK-911(Under Water Pistol): As the map will be full of water, there will be the new the HK-P11 underwater pistol that may come with the new PUBG Venezia map.
  • C4 Explosive charge (which can be obtained by creates only).

 UAV Dronet in Venezia PUBG Map

There are also rumors that there will be the UAV Drone which will reveal the location of the players outside of the zone which will replace the Red Zone area.

PUBG New Map Venezia 2.0 Concept

Talking about the leaks of new PUBG Map Venezia the Redditor IamEzalor, the person who previously revealed the concept of Vikendi snow map and now the new he posted the updated PUBG Venezia 2.0 map image.

PUBG New Map Venezia Release Date

Well, the Tencent team has started developing the new PUBG Venezia map. There’s no official announcement from them as for now. But the release date of PUBG new map is expected to reveal in February. And we are expecting the Venezia PUBG mobile new map addition with the upcoming PUBG 0.13 or 0.14 global version. But some sources claim that PUBG new map Venezia release date is around 20-25th August 2019 for Venezia PUBG mobile release date.

Final words

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