PUBG Xbox One Released With New Sanhok Map And More In 1.0 Update

Since the launch of PUBG for PC, many Xbox users have been waiting for the PUBG Xbox One version of the game. After the few month of PUBG Xbox One preview, the Microsoft has just launched the full PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 with the PUBG Xbox new map called Sanhok. So, you are eagerly waiting for the PUBG Xbox, then the time has come to start the death fight now!

What’s PUBG Xbox Price?

Talking about the price of PUBG Xbox One version, the real price of $35.65 on Amazon but you can get $10 off instantly if you are paying through the Amazon Price Store card. Well, you can get full PUBG Xbox One version of the Microsoft store at $29.99.

What’s in PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update?

Full Product Release includes 3 maps: the original game map, Erangel, the desert themed map, Miramar and the new tropical themed map, Sanhok, featuring all-new weapons and vehicles. The Preview is over. Now, it’s anyone’s game.

There is also PUBG Xbox One Event Pass available. Event Pass: Sanhok was created specifically to celebrate the launch of the new map, Sanhok! Once the update hits on September 4, it’s time to play games and get loot. With the Event Pass, you’ll be able to receive awesome rewards for leveling up and completing missions.

PUBG Xbox New Map

The most significant addition is Sanhok, the tropical-themed map introduced in the PC version of PUBG earlier this year. Unlike the game’s first two stages, Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok measures only 4km x 4km (as opposed to 8×8), making it much smaller than PUBG’s previous maps. As a result, matches contested on Sanhok are much quicker and more intense than normal.

PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Update New Guns and Vehicles

Arriving alongside Sanhok are a handful of items. First is a pair of new guns: the QBZ and the QBU, the latter of which can only be found on Sanhok. PUBG Corp. has also added a new map-exclusive vehicle to Sanhok: the Rony, a pickup truck that can hold up to four players. You can take a look at images of them below.

PUBG Xbox One Event Pass

The base Standard Event Pass is free for everyone to enjoy. There are many rewards available as you level up by completing missions listed in the pass. However, if you purchase the Premium Pass at $9.99 (from the Microsoft Store) or 1,000 G-Coin (from the in-game store), you’ll be able to unlock even more rewards and missions.

If you decide to upgrade to the Premium Pass any time while you are completing the Standard Event Pass, you will retroactively receive all Premium Rewards of the levels that you’ve already hit.

In addition to level up rewards, get ready to complete missions for bonus XP. You’ll need XP to level up as you move your way through the Event Pass, so be sure to complete missions for an extra boost.

There are Daily Missions, Normal Missions, Sanhok Missions (unlocked for Premium Pass users only – missions that are required to complete on the Sanhok map), as well as new missions every week of September until the Event Pass ends on midnight, October 4 UTC.

PUBG Xbox One Product Bundle

  • The PUBG Starter Pack: Available in the in-game store and the Microsoft Store, the Starter Pack includes 1,600 G-Coin to use in the in-game store and the Aviator Skin Pack.
  • The PUBG Sanhok Pack: Available in the in-game store and the Microsoft Store, the Sanhok Pack includes the Premium Event Pass: Sanhok, 2,300 G-Coin and the Fire in the Hole Skin Set.
  • The PUBG Sanhok Edition: Available exclusively in the Microsoft Store, the Sanhok Edition includes the Full Release Edition (1.0) of PUBG for Xbox, the Premium Event Pass: Sanhok, 2,300 G-Coin and the Fire in the Hole Skin Set.

So, are you ready to start the battle in PUBG on your Xbox One platform? Once after playing PUBG on Xbox One platform, please leave your opinion with is in comments. Is it better than PUBG PC or not?