Will PUBG Ban in India?

The Indian government has banned a total of 59 apps that descend from China. This step was taken earlier this month keeping in mind about the nations’ security, civic order, and users’ data privacy. This roster of banned apps contained TikTok, Xender, CamScanner, UC Browser, and many more. Many people and even news media were thinking that PUBG would be banned in India due to its connection with China? So, if you are from and India and worried – Could PUBG ban in India? Then we have an answer for you here.

It’s been nearly a month and PUBG is still available for all the PUBG gamers across India. It is not removed from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and it won’t be removed. Many people against PUBG may put an argument about Tencent Games (PUBG Mobile company) being Chinese so, it should be banned. But the reason is that Tencent cannot be considered a pure Chinese company.

Why PUBG will not be banned in India?

PUBG Corp is the developer and apex company that handles PUBG Mobile as well. Now PUBG Corp’s parent company is South Korean tech-giant Bluehole. The desktop version of the game garnered huge success and praise among critics and players. That’s when Tencent was given a contract from the PUBG Corp of being the distributor of PUBG Mobile in China and then India.

So, we have to keep in mind that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG’s mobile version is distributed by a Chinese company that doesn’t make the game a complete Chinese. So, formed alliances with a Chinese company for distribution in India may not lead to the PUBG ban in the country.

So, your favorite battle royale game is still available on mobile platforms and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. So, you can play and get the “Chicken Dinner” by completing missions without worrying about the ban.

Pakistan has banned PUBG due to some reasons which we have explained in our article. India has not taken such and it won’t. The several cases of suicides and theft have been reported where teen PUBG players have taken such steps. Due to cases of suicides, Gujarat State of India has imposed an impermanent ban on PUBG but it was revoked instantly. Many parents are concerned about their kids having an addiction to PUBG and that is why Tencent Games have set a time limit to play the Battle Royale game.

So, players need to use their discretion while playing PUBG and parents need to play an important role in avoiding the dependence of their children on the game.