5 More Countries Have Banned PUBG Mobile, Why?

While the growth of Pubg Mobile is touching the sky-high in the last couple of months, the game is also facing many difficulties as the world is suddenly started restricting the app. Why did the widely popular mobile games start pinching everyone’s eyes? 

With more than 40 million daily active users, Pubg Mobile is the best battle royale game for sure. But the recent ban in India gave the game the sudden shock to the developers of the game. The game is not only banned in India; there few other countries which have also block the game. 

Which countries banned Pubg Mobile?

  • China
  • Jordan
  • Nepal
  • Israel
  • Iraq 
  • India

These five countries restricted the game earlier, and recently the Government of India banned the game.

Why Pubg banned in these countries?

Let’s find out some basic reason for banning Pubg mobile in these five countries:

  1. One of the main reasons common in all these countries is the too much addiction to the game. Mostly, teenagers are spending too much time on the game, neglecting their careers, studies, and developing mental and physical disorders. It is also disturbing their sleep time and affecting mental health.
  2. The second reason was that there was no restriction or warning from the game makers when people spend too much time on the app. According to these countries, Pubg makers are irresponsible, even Apple and Facebook constantly informing use about the screen time.
  3. The third reason is also normal in every country as the game is considered the game propagates violence. Even many people lost life because of the game. 
  4. In India, the main reason for banning the game was that the game makers had the link with Chinese publisher Tencent. So Tencent has everyone’s data without user consent, and that is illegal, according to the Ministry of Information and Technology on India.

Along with Pubg, the Indian Government also banned more 118 Chinese apps. Earlier, 59 and 47 Chinese apps were also restricted in India because of the user’s privacy consent. The Pubg Mobile is removed from the Google Play and Apple App store, but the game is not restricted from the server as the developers and Indian Government is still in talks. 

To unban Pubg in India, the South Korean giant Pubg corp is looking for other publishers for India as they promised to keep user’s data safe in India. Meanwhile, the India game developer nCore Game announced the new Pubg Mobile like battle royale game FAUG with the support of the India Government and bollywood start Akshay Kumar. The game is expected to release in October, but we can expect the beta version by the end of this month. Pubg ban is still a buzz in India as people are expecting that it could get unbanned soon. Let’s wait and watch for the final call from the Government.

What do you think about this incident in India? Do you think Government will unban Pubg in India? Do you think that FAUG could be the great competition for PUGB? Do not hesitate to drop your opinion in the comment box.