Download PUBG Chinese Version “Game For Peace” APK 1.2.9 For Android/iOS

We know that Tencent games have released the PUBG Chinese version “Game For Peace” a month ago as the anti-terrorism-themed version of PUBG Mobile to give user-friendly gameplay mode. Well, the Tencent team and Unreal Engine 4 collaborated and released the modified version of PUBG Mobile especially for the Chinese region. The great thing is now the new PUBG Mobile Game For Peace update 1.2.9 is available for every PUBG mobile China users with a new mode and features.

Well, the game is based on Sky Warriors who protect the national airspace. So, there are some modes and gameplay is similar to those warriors so that people love the game most. Hence, people will have great fun playing a Chinese soldier. But with the latest PUBG Chinese Version Game For Peace 1.2.9 update included new interesting dark night crisis mode which will be more exciting and challenging for all Chinese players.

Well, if you are living this China then you can simply update PUBG China Game For Peace from the store. But if you are from outside China and have installed the Game for Peace through the apk file, then you will need to download and install the new PUBG China Game For Peace APK 1.2.9 now on your Android and iOS device. Wants to know what’s new on Game For Peace 1.2.9 update? If so, then check out full detail here. If you are new and living outside China and still want to download Game For Peace 1.2.9 APk, then you can follow our previous process to download and install PUBG Game For Peace on Android and iPhone.

Let’s check out some new features of Game For Peace 1.2.9 version:

Creative workshop new gameplay – the night crisis

  • The new mode of creative workshop, level 5 can participate, add simulation leak exercise elements on the basis of classic competition Content, 60 participants need to resist the night zombie attack during the three days and two nights, explore the reasons behind the special training
  • Night crisis mode exclusive weather: three days and two nights day and night change;
  • Night crisis mode Exclusive new firearms: Flame ejector – supplemented by gas cylinders, causing damage to range targets, and producing continuous burn damage, eliminating the chance of zombies;
  • Night Crisis Mode Exclusive Item 1: Bait Grenade – will be sent out after throwing The sound attracts the zombies, and after a few seconds, the bait grenade has a high damage to the zombies and weak influence on the special forces.
  • The night crisis mode exclusive props 2: liquid nitrogen mines – will be detonated by nearby targets and instantly release a large amount of liquid range resulting in the slowing effect of nitrogen, the effect of the special forces lower;
  • Exclusive props night crisis mode ③: parallel magazine (rifle) – large Rifle increase magazine capacity;

Classic mode of new ways:

The destruction snow cave play: snow map hidden in a mysterious cave, the vehicle broke open the stone blasted with grenades or the hole get airdrops cave

  • Classic mode limited time play – Summer mode: Players can enjoy the cool experience of summer surfing in this mode, go to Love Island and participate in novel and interesting mystery activities, and also find sailing yachts with rich materials and Explore the treasures of the sea! Summer mode is open, please pay attention to the official announcement, so stay tuned
  • Creative Workshop – Teammate Recall Mode: In the rainforest map, players can pick up the identity card of the eliminated teammates at the specified time, and mark the communication tower marked on the map. Teammates recalled, recalled teammates can re-parachute and continue to fight side by side with teammates! The teammate recall mode will be opened later. Please pay attention to the official announcement, so stay tuned

Classic mode – experience upgrade:

  • New team exchange punctuation system: universal punctuation key function, teammate response punctuation function, click weapon empty slot mark function, optimize mark material silhouette performance;
  • Audio function optimization : Added super high sound quality option, providing richer sound quality performance, only open for some high-end models, can be opened in the setting panel;
  • Audio function optimization: incorporate new version of voice component – provide better voice Experience and solve the problem of voice jams of some models, solve the problem of adapting some models, solve the flashback problem of some models;
  • Optimize the audio function: Open the iPad Pro model to switch the mobile phone when using the Bluetooth headset Or Bluetooth capture two modes;
  • Open some high-end models in the HDR HD quality limit frame rate option, this option will be open after the function is stable, please pay attention to the official notice of the specific opening time;
  • Optimized Kar98K, S1897 and other single bomb loaded firearms exchange performance;
  • Picked up the map refresh Kar98K, S1897 and other firearms, can be directly opened fire, no longer A first pull plug or loaded;
  • Optimization open state of the mobile mirror, animation sight jitter performance;
  • Side sight Optimization: Add a new targeting UI, the conventional X-shaped cross new UI sight Alternatively, with To distinguish the main side sights;
  • Side sights optimization: retain the main sight of the firearm when cutting the gun;
  • Optimize the side sights: add the automatic pick-up switch for the side sights;
  • Optimize the lens control mechanism: In the first and second modes of operation, when one finger of the left half of the screen has been controlled, the second finger can no longer control the lens in the blank area of ​​the left half of the screen;
  • Add a fire button, probe button in the operation setting interface The lens control instructions for the open button;
  • The flying height of the signal gun summoned airdrop aircraft is increased from 300 meters to 500 meters, and the speed of the super airdrop is increased from 6 meters/second to 7.15 meters/second;
  • When winning the championship, the reward cake is replaced with a summer ice sculpture to bring coolness to the champion team;
  • Optimize the performance of the training scene

Team competition – experience upgrade:

  • Team sports mode exclusive new firearms :RPG-7 rocket launcher – replenish ammunition through rockets, causing range damage after launch, refresh at fixed time in the map center;
  • New props in team sports mode: fragment grenade, fixed time refresh on both sides of the map;
  • Team competition In the mode, the RPG-7 rocket launcher and the fragment grenade have no teammate damage;
  • The team competition mode supports the skin display of Kar98k;
  • The weapon configuration at the beginning of each game automatically inherits the state at the end of the previous game, and does not need to be re-picked;
  • The weapon equipped with the expansion cartridge will maintain the state of the full folder at the initial stage;
  • Optimize the edge collision effect of some objects on the map to make the movement smoother;
  • Optimize the climbing height in the team competition mode High-level action problems;
  • Eliminate the damage caused by others on the data statistics panel of the replay playback;
  • Invite friends to team up The recent tab in the interface increases the team member record of the team competition;
  • The recruitment function of the chat channel, supports the display of the team competition

Well, there were some major changes and features added to the PUBG Chinese version Game Of Peace 1.2.9. Once after playing with the new Game for Peace update, please do share your experience in comments.