How To Better Aim In PUBG Mobile: Pro Tips

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the biggest battle royal world where you can play against 100 players in Erangel, Miramar, and new PUBG Mobile Sanhok map which you get with PUBG mobile 0.9.5 version. Your main aim is to be the last man standing. But, some noobs or beginners are tick wants to improve aim in PUBG Mobile. So, here we are! You can also get more PUBG mobile tips & tricks to get chicken dinner.

To win the match and complete your different missions to improve your Royal Pass rank, you should kill more enemies. For sure, you should better aim in PUBG mobile to get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” tag. So, here we shared some tips to shoot better in PUBG mobile on Android and iPhone. As a Crown player, I have noted some things while playing PUBG mobile, and here I am sharing some best tips to improve aim in PUBG mobile.

Tips To Improve Aim in PUBG Mobile Android and iPhone

#1: Initially, I always prefer using Red Dot instead of Hologram as it better aim and space view to shoot better.

#2: Once you found any Scope, and then make sure that you have every attachment in your gun to get stability and better grip.

#3: Have you noticed when you shoot enemies, your aim automatically goes up while playing PUBG mobile. So, always try to use your finger to push down aim while shooting.

#4: Sniper rifle consider the best for long distance shooting, so always try to keep one sniper rifle with 6x or 8x scope to shoot better in PUBG mobile.

#5: Turn on the gyroscope and change crosshair color to blue or green. You can do it from the Basic settings in the Gyroscope option.

#6: Use an angular grip than using a vertical grip on your gun if you are using a scar or M4.

That’s it!


As after playing hundreds of PUBG mobile games on my Android, I have observed above things. Hope this helped you. If you want to share any other PUBG mobile tips or trick, please tell us through comments. We will add it in out article!