How To Get Mission Impossible Outfit In PUBG To Look Like Ethan Hunt

Since PUBG has created waves for Android, PC, and Xbox One users, many people have started playing the game. Furthermore, the widely popular Mission Impossible movie team has collaborated with PUBG Corp. and added Mission Impossible outfit. But, most of the users aren’t aware how to earn Mission Impossible outfit in PUBG. Are you one of them? Then here we will show you how to get Agent ID and unlock Mission Impossible full outfit in PUBG!

 While launching PUBG, there you can see Mission Impossible picture along with PUBG to complete the mission. But, which missions you should complete? What’s in the Mission Impossible outfit? If you don’t know, then let me tell everything about Mission Impossible even!

What’s in Mission Impossible Outfit?

There are total four items available, but you only need three to complete the PUBG Mission Impossible outfit. There are two separate jackets (both costing 70 Agent IDs, more on that later), a pair of combat pants (50 Agent IDs) and, finally, some black boots (40 Agent IDs).

PUBG Mission Impossible Out Last Date

Well, the Ethan Hunt’s outfit is not permanent in the game. It is available for a limited time. So, keep in mind that you have only 30 more days, means the event will end on August 30.

How to Earn Mission Impossible Outfit In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

Well, it isn’t easy to win Mission Impossible outfit. You will need to use need Agent IDs in the game’s store to unlock Mission Impossible outfit in PUBG. There are different methods to earn PUBG Mission Impossible outfit by playing effectively and other players to get full PUBG Mission Impossible outfit. You will need total 160 things to get full PUBG Mission Impossible. Below are all different conditions to collect Agent IDs:

  • Get 1 Agent ID per day just for logging in (up to seven days total).
  • Complete Mission Impossible daily missions: Up to 4 Agent IDs a day.
  • Co-Op Combat Missions: Up to 4 Agent IDs a day
  • Top Player Objections (rank in the Top 20 or Top 10, depending on the day): Up to 3 Agent IDs a day
  • As you can see, a fair bit of work needs to go into unlocking them. Keep at it every day, though, and you’ll soon be able to grab them.

How to Active Mission Impossible Music on PUBG Mobile

Additionally, you can also play Mission Impossible music in PUBG background. Well, you do need to earn any item; you can simply do it in PUBG Audio settings. Just go to the PUBG settings> Audio > Enable Mission Impossible (BGM) like the below image.


Hope now you know how to collect the Mission Impossible cloths to look like an underground MIF agent. Once after earning Mission Impossible outfit, do not forget to share your PUBG profile screenshot with us! Well, the night mode and FPP driving mode on PUBG mobile are on the way! Stay tuned for more PUBG updates!