How To Get PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Title Easily: The Best Achievement

While playing PUBG Mobile when people start having fun in the waiting zone, I noted some of the players have a Weapon Master tag. After that, I also wanted to earn Weapon Master Tag in PUBG Mobile and did research then followed it and got the PUBG Weapon Master achievement in just a single classic match. After getting this title, I thought you would also want to know how to get weapon master title in PUBG Mobile.

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Before you headed to the process to earn PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Title, you may also like to know about the upcoming PUBG Snow map and also you can download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 beta as well as PUBG mobile 0.10.9 on your phone to enjoy all new features in advance. If you are excited to get PUBG Mobile weapon mater tag now, then without any bother let me take you to the guide to earn Weapon Master Achievement in PUBG mobile!

Tips to Earn Weapon Master Tag on PUBG Mobile

Note: To get the Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile, you should kill at least six people in the Classic match and make sure you tier is Platinum or above. If you are above Platinum and above then, here are things you should keep in your mind to become weapon master in PUBG.

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  1. Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle
  2. Kill an enemy with SMG.
  3. Kill an enemy with Sniper rifle.
  4. Kill an enemy with shotguns.
  5. Kill an enemy with Throwable.
  6. Kill an enemy with Vehicles.

Well, you should kill 6 enemies as per the above criteria. But, I guess you should also need tips to how to execute these six people and where to start.  Here are a few things you should keep in your mind to reach PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Title easily.

Tips to Get PUBG Mobile Weapon Master Tag Easily

  1. Land on the place where you find rare people like Lipovka, Kameshki, Stalbar, Primorsk, and shooting range. You can also see a few bots here so that you can quickly kill according to as per the following.
  2. Grenades.
  3. Shotguns
  4. SMG
  5. Vehicle
  6. Sniper rifles
  7. AR guns.
  8. It would be great to play with the squad so that you can get benefit also.
  9. Also, try to kill bots with shotgun and grenades.

Well, these were some tips and steps to get weapon master title in PUBG Mobile. You can get more tips and tricks on PUBGFREEDOWNLOAD. If you have any title and want to share how you earned it, then please leave your comment below. Do not forget to give us your opinion about the most awaiting PUBG Snow Map.

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