How To Get Silverback Set in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is full of new costumes and rewards which you can get for free or spend some UC (in-game money) to buy any exciting outfit. Every week, the Pubg Mobile team will give the best opportunity to all the PUBG Mobile gamers worldwide to win or get new costumes.

During the event, you will have to open the event and then complete some mission to use the spin to win some rewards. The more play the game and complete the mission, the more you get the chance to win some special rewards in the game. Like every other event, PUBG Mobile has recently added the most exciting Silverback set based on the African Silverback Gorilla. The set is divided into the outfit and the headgear.

Once you take a look at this new Silverback set, you would have it in your stock. So if you want to get the PUBG Mobile Silverback sett, then sad to say that there is no way to directly purchase the set. There is an ancient spin you can win, which costs 60UC, but you can attempt spin at just 10UC at the first spin. There is also one option to purchase the package of 10 turns with 540UC.

Along with the silverback set, there are also some other Jungle Prey set with divided into headgear, a mask, and the outfit. They also added the Jungle Prey parachute, a Jungle Prey motorcycle which completes the set. You can also win lucky Coin taken and crate coupons along.

Here are also how much spin can be used to get what rewards:

  • If you spin the crate 10 times, you can win a premium crate coupon
  • If you spin the crate 40 times, it will result in an Ancestral Tears QBU
  • If you spin the crate 80 times, you will win 80 Lucky coins
  • If you spin the crate 120 times, you will win 100 Lucky coins
  • Finally, if you manage to spin the crate 200 times, you will win a whopping 160 Lucky Coins

So it’s better to spend some UC on these items. If you are lucky enough today, then you can get the best costume in the PUBG Mobile game. Like this event, Pubg Mobile is also offering other interesting items in the game, which you can also get to try your luck.

Meanwhile, most of the gamers are excited about the next PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update, which is coming in the second week of July with the brand new Fourex Map. What do you think about this new map? Do you think they keep us waited long for the Erangel 2.0? Well, they have added Erangel 2.0 to the Pubg Mobile Chinese update (game for peace 1.8.10), and maybe we will have to wait for Pubg mobile 0.19.5 update to get the revamped erangel map.