How To Play LIVIK Map in PUBG Mobile Right Now

PUBG Mobile has made the huge announcement today in its Twitter page new exclusive map-LIVIK map with the image coming soon. As the new PUBG Mobile Livik map is still a couple of weeks away from us, here we are going to show you how to play Livik Map right now on your smartphone.

With the announcement on its Twitter page, they also say that Livik map beta with the coming soon tag. But here we have prepared the guide to play new Livik map in PUBG Mobile without waiting for the final release. With the release of PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta update, they earlier added the Secrete map in the game which is now replaced with the new name Livik map. Some blogs also claimed that the new map is named “Fourex map”, but the game maker has finally revealed the name of the new map on its Twitter handle.

So if you want to play the new map in advance before everyone else, then you can go through this guide. You don’t have to uninstall the current version of the game as you can run both versions on your mobile and play them as per your preference.

How To Download PUBG Mobile LIVIK Map on Android

Step #1: First of all, download PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Beta APK for Android.

Step #2: Make sure that the file downloaded correctly on your device from the above link.

Step #3: Next, go to the setting and enable the ‘install from unknown source’ option.

Step #4: Once you activated “‘install from unknown source’ option,” you will be able to Install the beta apk version.

Step #5: Once the file is installed correctly, you need to open the game and log in to the guest account or Facebook account.

Step #6: That’s it. Once you are logged in, you will be able to enjoy testing new LIVIK map in PUBG Mobile.

Once you go through all the above steps, you will be able to enjoy the brand new exclusive Livik map on your smartphone before the world. Since it’s still in beta form, so be ready to face some bugs and glitches. There is no official announcement about the stable release of PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, but many rumours suggested that they will release the next PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update on July 12 along with the new season.

After playing a couple of games on the new Livik map, please do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment box. Do you like the new Livik map or missing Erangel 2.0? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.